Vision Health Is My Way Of Life –Sanjay Jadhav

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Posted On : 01st, February 2018

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My journey

Vision Health Is My Way Of Life –Sanjay Jadhav

01st, February 2018    -    My journey

Sanjay Jadhav, a boy from deep Rural, having abundance dreams for developing his own idea and passion in reality which was very vague in the field of health in deep rural, and even it was not that clear at that point of time in his mind. In the course of time he pushed by his uncertain background to have edge over his situation. His dream was dragging him throughout his time, which he spent in his village residence; name ‘Surangali’ somewhere near sub-urban ‘Bhokardan’, the District of ‘Jalna’ with a population of around four hundred in 21st Century India.

Sanjay entire primary education till 10th done at his village then he shifted to Aurangabad for his higher education, which was essential for him in the making his dream true. As time passed away, he completed higher education in Pharma field, where he started getting shape of his vision towards the dream he saw in his village. When Sanjay’s other classmates used to have fun and was enjoying the collage life and was not that serious about life and future, Sanjay started searching for a job to have real time experience of market.

In his working stint at Bharat biotech & Lyka-Healthcare was the testimony of his great learning attitude. This was time when he identified the gap, where he could have filled with his idea but time hasn’t come yet, as pressure to complete his education was working there on sanjay’s mind continuously. This was the golden period in his life, he said; which gave him complete and constructive idea that; how the things can be built in reality and fulfil his unspoken and scattered destiny in future.

At the end of the last year of his M. Pharma degree, he comes to the conclusion. Market gap which was identified while working, unclear picture he dreamt in the village, took the form of his innovative business idea ‘Metsun Pharma India Pvt Ltd’. A company who deliver quality medicine at affordable price fortunately, now a day company can sell quality medicine to each and every part of Maharashtra with increased number of product portfolio day by day he completed his gross turnover around 50 lakh in the 6 month only. Before few days of establishment of Metsun Pharma India Pvt Ltd, when he was struggling for preparation of the set up for his company and accumulating branding materials and ideas from his brand advisor, he had no doubt about its success but had a burden of the money he borrowed from the market. Many afternoons he lived with no food; however he hadn’t any grudges for that many empty stomach mornings and afternoons, as it only will have to be fulfilled by his vision he saw in the scarcity.

Coming to Aurangabad for his passion didn’t make him city bird at all. He is involved in rural health & education development project run by RG foundation in Bhokardan sub urban. He became one of the active members of foundation. Through this foundation Sanjay and team has launched E-learning project at Village Surangali successfully.

Sanjay became example for the young who come from rural background and struggle in the city and get frustrated with small setback, but Sanjay proved that desire for making your dream successful should be the top most priority for youth, as in the word of ‘Abdul Kalam’, “dream is not you see in sleep but is something that doesn’t let you sleep” and defiantly sanjays Endeavour and achievement testimony for it.

Website: Metsunpharma

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