The Story of Causkekey, Startup which is making the social donation more meaningful.

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Posted On : 16th, January 2018

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My journey

The Story of Causkekey, Startup which is making the social donation more meaningful.

16th, January 2018    -    My journey

A startup in the unorthodox field of social impact making service, Causekey provides hosting and management services for events organized for a social cause. Working with a vision of replacing the word donation with spend.Already well established, we organize impacts with the aim to effect social change. Our future goal is to gain the credibility we need to start a powerful Crowdfunding platform with an impact executing team of its own to directly connect those in need with those who are ever willing to help. The success we have seen so far can be attributed to the fact that we value transparency above all else, making sure that our clients and sponsors are knowledgeable about every aspect of work done through their transaction 

Our journey began a year ago; I was a 3rd-year Computer science undergrad at BMSCE, Bengaluru. Even back then I was involved in social activities and regularly volunteered for the same, constantly endeavouring to effect social change.

Like most entrepreneurs who start young, societal pressure and my commitments at college hindered my path to shaping the unique idea that CauseKey has grown to become.

Unlike most of the entrepreneurs that come out of this city, the journey of a social entrepreneur can take one through the path void of motivation and acceptance. Everyone around me was chasing a dream job at a company but I knew that wasn’t what would lead to lasting happiness. Unlike the masses, I didn’t want to wake up every morning looking for meaning and purpose while following a routine necessary for survival but wake to the fact that with my every action and decision, I was contributing to the society.

Once my mind was set, I started working towards social development more ardently. It’s here I noticed that people are usually more inclined to involve themselves in a social event on a special day like birthdays, anniversaries etc. In an attempt to add meaning to their own lives, enriching it in the process.

Like most of us working in the field of social development, I came to the realization that India is already generating large sums of money as a donation for social development but corruption meant that the ones who needed the money would see very little or none of it.


Lots of research and several brainstorming sessions later I came to the conclusion that to truly make a difference, regaining trust was of paramount importance since the hesitation to contribute towards social causes stems from wanting to see that money being utilized efficiently but the lack of an organization that could guarantee just this.


Our solution was developing a sustainable model to directly connect an individual or sector in need with the ones who had the resources to help.  

We started with the vision of replacing the word donated with spent and thus the idea behind Causekey was born.

A crowdfunding website where a user can register to celebrate events like birthdays and anniversaries with the underprivileged or address any issue of their choice whether it is a cleanup drive or natural disaster. We aim to encourage people to not just donate but directly participate and involve themselves in the event, our coverage of every event from start to finish and subsequently uploading the same on social media only helped us gain credibility and serves as an assurance to potential donors that their contributions would be well spent.


Besides this, we realized that the social sector is in desperate need of a revamp -

Individuals who wish to sponsor a social event already have a vision for the execution process, most organizations do not provide any kind of flexibility to their patrons.


Most organizations limit themselves to a certain cause or work to address a singular issue making the involvement process harder for an individual.


Transparency is a huge issue both in execution and in the dealings of the organization



As the world is progressing people are only getting more involved in their professional lives but the social sector remains sluggish and refuses to embrace technology as a means to attract sponsors


Our services and website work to address these issues.

●    We have a dedicated execution team willing to personalize an event and provide customized utilisation of resources according to the donor’s requirement

●    One website that addresses every cause.

●    Special invitation extended to the donor for the event ensuring transparency

●    A cinematography team to capture the event and share the execution process in an attempt to inspire.

Heading a social enterprise is a full-time job, one that required me to take the tough decision to drop out of college. I harbour no regrets. My goal has always been to work as a bridge between the two sections of society, providing for one the basic needs we the privileged, often take for granted


Our company was formally launched in January 2017. In the last 6 months, we are happy to say we have executed over 14 events.

Our team is now 20 members strong and each of them works only with the satisfaction that they are making a difference.

We now have execution teams in few major city and have received support and appreciation for Causekey. Our success so far has been achieved solely on the merit of the events we have organized, the crowdfunding platform which is our main focus is ready to be launched within the month.

We are confident that Causekey will grow to scale new heights.


Website: Causekey   


 To know more about Causeket visit:

Facebook link:

YouTube link:

Instagram link:


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