This SaaS based startup helping enterprises to streamline their marketing and sales activities.

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Posted On : 28th, August 2017

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Tech Startup

This SaaS based startup helping enterprises to streamline their marketing and sales activities.

28th, August 2017    -    Tech Startup

Startup in India is growing at a rapid speed. For any business to grow it need to enhance its sales team and provide full support to achieve the goals. Salezshark has developed a Saas product to provide full support to the sales team and increase the productivity.

In an industry where technology changes with its perpetual pace, we give you our enduring commitment to solving all your business problems with SalezShark. The product empowers you to improve your sales and marketing processes by providing you with intelligent tools that help you save time and increase productivity.

SalezShark is a sales intelligence platform that gives you an edge over the others with its unique Relationship Cloud that enables you to truly understand your customers and deliver tailored services accordingly. We aim to nurture your connections with a belief that strong business relationships are the key to increased sales.

How did it start?

It all started from setting ourselves a goal to build easy-to-use yet powerful software that can help businesses identify, capture, nurture, and follow-up the leads they can close. A tool that serves all the needs of business users and provides deep analytics giving insights on what is working and what needs to be worked.

Mentally I was prepared and knew that it will grow slow way. I am still prepared for the isn’t about just a 3-4 year thing. We are focusing on adding new solutions to the suite and make it all work together as seamlessly as possible.

Services provided by the company

In order to be competitive in the market today, more and more companies have realised they need an integrated approach towards their business processes. From tracking and analysing the campaigns, managing all the processes to forecasting the revenue SalezShark is meant to help businesses a great deal.

How are we different from the competition and your USP?

Salezshark is next gen Relationship Intelligence platform that offers broad software as a service (SaaS) CRM suite. It has unveiled its offerings in the space of AI as well.

Our product is powered by predictive analytics, advanced machine learning, relationship intelligence, smart summary and also offers an integrated database with a pool of more than 5 Lac executives all-around the globe with which reaching out to the right prospects becomes a piece of cake.

How has sales intelligence app helped businesses in terms of growth figures?

Mobility is an important aspect for all the companies these days. Being able to sell out of offices saves costs as well as improves the sales processes. Enterprises are realising the most valuable assets they have is the solid and long customer relationships.

As per the study conducted by Gartner, 30% of the sales organisations had issued tablets and iPads as primary device standard issue for salespeople in 2014-15. This underlines the fact that businesses do not want to get restricted to the responsive websites only but rather want to make most of their time when on the go as well.

Sales Intelligent apps are built for ease of use and effective.

Which industries adopted sales intelligence app the most?

As per IDC (International Data Corporation), the social software application that was $0.8 billion in 2011 had grown to $4.5 billion by now, representing an impressive compound growth rate (CAGR) of 42.4%.

This shows that more and more companies have realised that in order to be competitive in the market today, they need an integrated approach towards their business processes. From tracking and analysing the campaigns, managing all the processes to forecasting the revenue, such software help businesses a great deal. That’s why we also developed our own CRM Software SalezShark 

Which industries have the potential for turning around fortunes using Sales intelligence tools?

CRMs are majorly transforming the SME sector by helping them push and build the brand equity. Businesses work best when the customers facing requirements of sales can be met as efficiently as possible while storing and accessing large data information. These breed of technologies that is capable of producing autonomous insights and inferences quickly helps have connected visibility of customer details, manage contact information and sales activities. You can also analyse your sales performance using powerful reports, projected reports and actual sales figures.

Current market size for such tools? And growth prospects

The benefits of mobility are accelerating in enterprises today. Providing greater context and real-time access to information while enabling sales, support and service reps to take meaningful, relevant action is one of the catalysts driving SaaS CRM’s growth.

The latest enterprise software forecast from Gartner shows Customer Relationship Management (CRM) increasing to a $36.5B worldwide market by 2017, a significant increase from the $20.6B forecasted in Q1 of this year. CRM also leads all enterprise software categories in projected growth, showing a 15.1% CAGR from 2012 to 2017, also revised up from 9.7% in the Q1 forecast.

Gartner also anticipates that “SaaS deployments of CRMwill reach a maximum of 80-85% by 2025”.

IDC’s Mobile Enterprise Applications (MEA) Survey completed in February 2014 interviewed 407 U.S.-based organisations, with 52% respondents in IT/IS executive management roles, and 24% line-of-business executive management. 78% direct or manage mobile technology decisions (with 22% influencing decisions) and 67% of enterprises interviewed reported that they have deployed two or more mobile apps. The analysis underscores how mobile enterprise applications are already in a role and simplifying and streamlining their support and ongoing services.

What is the success rate of these apps compared to traditional methods?

Legacy CRM systems were made when the expectations of the customers to responsiveness weren’t accelerating as fast as they are now. But, today, sales teams have to run on new CRMs literally in hours and days to learn and be effective. There is no time for two weeks classes; rather, it’s all about being quick enough to define new sales strategies, implement and measure them further making the strategy corrections as and where needed.

CRM systems today are designed with the context first with mobile deployment in mind relying on the user-customizable and intuitive interfaces to help the sales teams to be more effective in selling.

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