Bookmark - design your website through AIDA

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Posted On : 15th, March 2018

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Product review

Bookmark - design your website through AIDA

15th, March 2018    -    Product review

Product review

Bookmark is an AI-powered website builder which empowers people without any technical skills with the ability to instantly create an exceptional website. Bookmark’s AI software AiDA (your Artificial intelligence design assistant) creates the first version of their website in under two minutes by making selections from millions of combinations.

About Bookmark: is a website creation tool for non-technical people. Our simple, drag-and-drop technology combined with AIDA ( artificial intelligence design assistant ) makes creating a professional website fast, easy and fun. Bookmark offers full online e-learning courses to enhance your business or career on the internet as well as a community forum where users can ask questions. We're different because Bookmark offers a number of fully functional web page sections that are typical to most websites such as content layouts, event registration, about us, testimonials, photo gallery and more. These sections called “Focus” are further customizable. Bottom line: even a newcomer with no coding experience can create a beautiful, fully functional website in very little time.

We offer a broad range of website designs to suit all customer needs. AIDA will create a website that will work with just about every industry. 615 total are available simply, pick your business and let AIDA do the rest.

A sample of such Businesses:                                   

  • E-commerce
  • Multinational Corporations
  • Healthcare providers
  • Lawyers
  • Realtors
  • Local Government
  • Weddings
  • Personal Websites
  • Photography
  • Any Small Business
  • County Organizations

Non-profit Organizations and Agencies

  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Shop
  • Accommodations
  • Contractors
  • Investment Professionals
  • Spas
  • Artists
  • Modelling
  • Personal Trainers

In the present situation, it is necessary to have a website for all types of business. Developing the website need a technical knowledge (from scratch) or use of existing template (such as word press). It is observed that the website development take lot of time and cost involved activity. Many time the owner and developer cannot understand each other’s preferences and the result is bad output.

This AI powered tool helps the non techie as well as a techie to develop the good website by adopting drag and drop of the templates. Bookmark as designed AIDA concept which to makes the website look professionals and better quality design.

This AI tool is most effective than the Wordpress or Wix and more comprehensive to use.

As per The founder of Bookmark” Bookmark takes a different approach to website building though. By using genetic algorithms, machine learning and some human-assisted elements, we’re able to provide every user with a website that is unique to them, their business and their industry. What makes us different is that we’re moving away from template-based website building and are instead using A.I to build personalized websites in minutes. All you have to do is literally choose your business type, answer a few questions and watch a website get built in front of your eyes. These websites are built by AiDA, an “Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant” by rapidly making calculated predictions on what sections, elements, images and design styles your website should have. If you aren’t happy with the website AiDA builds, you ask AiDA to recreate it until you are fully satisfied with the result. AiDA gets smarter with every new website by learning from every user’s choices and design decisions. We hope that as we gain more customers and learn what they like, we’d be able to save you at least 90% of the time and energy it takes currently to build the beautiful website you need.

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