This Startup app helps you to create and connect with your own Utopia

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Posted On : 18th, September 2017

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This Startup app helps you to create and connect with your own Utopia

18th, September 2017    -    Startup

The Utopia: Search of a Perfect World

Today, we’re living in globalization era. We go from one place to another for work, to study or due to some other reasons. As we change our place there will bear a gap between our interests/hobbies and those people with whom we can pursue our interests. During our stay at places away from like-minded friends, we miss that good company to spend time with. The most common thing we all do that track down our friends nearby on social networking sites and interact with them either virtually or go to their place ( if they are nearby). This problem is more associated with introverts. Because they do not reveal their interests before people and remain socially impaired. As well as teenagers can be count in this bunch of peoples who want to company of like-minded friends so that they can share their interests.

Heemanshu Suri, faced the same problem while working for Adobe Systems. During his free days and weekends, he wanted to spend time with his friends. So he used Facebook to track down his friends nearby. But there was a problem, most of his friends were not nearby most of the time and remain company less to spend his good time. Also, his work life was icing on the cake. This problem was trivial for him. So he decided to solve this problem of his.

As Heemanshu was searching for a solution of his problems he found out that this problem is associated with many other peoples including most of the introvert population, teenagers, and people who are socially impaired. After knowing it Heemanshu decided to solve this problem or at least to understand the problem’s cause. So he started researching the problem.

During his Master’s in Computer Science, Heemanshu showed a keen interest in AI and Machine Learning. As a solution to this problem, he decided to create a unified platform for interaction of people with same interests and started to collect data for his unified platform. 

At first, he wants to launch his platform in a web mode so that it can be smooth experience and there will be no cluttering that can be difficult on a mobile screen. But in process of his research work, he found out that most people spend much more time than on the web. So he decided to go with the Native app platform.

Heemanshu named his platform MyyUtopia. He defines his platform as, a unified platform where people can freely express themselves as they are and easily build their own utopia (“an imagined place which seems like a perfect world”) for them.

On asking about the difference between MyyUtopia and other existing social networking site he replies, “Most of the existing social networking platforms, such as Facebook, connect you with people you already know in real life. I would say these are passive networks, where you find a virtual world to find and stay connected with people you know in the real world. As our society is evolving, people have started giving more importance to following their passions. At present, the norms and availability dictate that we have separate platforms for different kinds of social interactions, for instance, personal networking (such as casual dating or a serious relationship), social or professional networking. What we don't lay emphasis on is that the same person may need all of these platforms simultaneously. Currently, there is no such (or not mainstream) medium which solves this issue.” 

Further, he says, “Due to globalization and people laying more focus on their goals and ambitions, tend to move to new places more frequently. In our busy lives, we hardly find the time or the drive to go hunting for that sports club we want to be a part of or that reading group we so crave to join. Today, we have so many relatives, friends, and colleagues but still, lack that core group of people near us who pursue the same interests and hobbies as we do. We end up needing multiple social platforms to find a way around this problem.”

As a platform MyyUtopia helps people focus on their interests and passions, in short things that actually matter to them. It gives you a way to connect with your passions from the comfort of your home with the people who perfectly understand your hobbies and share them too! It provides a single platform where you can find exactly what you love, be it that one person who loves the same things as you do or that gang of buddies who you can bond with over that one passion of yours. The central point of MyyUtopia is your own interests and passions, and your current location. In short, we can say that MyyUtopia is a location-based socializing platform to connect with other like-minded people. 

Recently MyyUtopia received $40k worth tools and resoruces from FbStart program, which will help in its further development. Currently, services of MyyUtopia are available in USA and India. Heemanshu is keeping track of uses of his platform and working for overcoming flaws in his platform and to make this platform even more useful.

Over the question of his future planning and vision, Heemanshu replies, “I want to take the time to experiment more with it till I feel it has reached a considerable number of users and is ready for a more fast-paced growth.

My vision is to build a unified platform that unites people based on their interests and passions, irrespective of the differences in their age groups, demographics, races and sexes. It's these shared interests and understandings which connect us and drive us to the journey ahead.”

About Heemanshu:

Heemanshu was born and brought up in Delhi. He belongs to a middle-class family. His father ran a small business and mother worked as a senior assistant at SBI.

Heemanshu completed his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from BITS, Pilani and started working for Adobe Systems. He received his Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin Madison. Heemanshu takes interest in field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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