This women led social startup developed waterless urinal technology to combat the water crisis.

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Posted On : 21st, September 2017

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Social enterprise

This women led social startup developed waterless urinal technology to combat the water crisis.

21st, September 2017    -    Social enterprise

"Water water everywhere.." said the great poet. But years later, the scenario has changed completely. Water shortage prevails in every nook and corner of the world. People have predicted that the third world war is going to be for WATER!!! If this is not sufficient enough to ring bells then what is? Its high time we should take charge and invent new methodologies for efficient water storage and conservation. 

To realise the seriousness, some alarming facts are worth mentioning here. According to a research, 75 % of our earth is covered with water yet 1.4 billion people live without clean drinking water.

One-third of the world‚ population lives in water stressed countries now.

The percentage of the Earth‚ land area stricken by serious drought more than doubled between the 1970s and 2005.

Unless we change our ways, two-thirds of the world‚ population will face water scarcity by 2025.

The time has come we start exploring and innovating ways to conquer this problem as soon as possible. Its time we envision for green products and services in the island with nurturing the surrounding habitat. One such innovative idea is Tapu which means an island. This name came into being for its terse and unique syllable. It fits well in the vision, to be a nurturing habitat harbouring environmental living. Tapu exemplifies the tagline "an island of sustainability". 

Neha Bagoria, A social entrepreneur with a vision to alleviate issues like climate change and environmental burden. She worked as a software consultant for 4 years. But, soon realised the need of the hour, left the posh career and got inclined towards water conservation. For 2 years she did research and development on waterless urinal technology. Her passion to conserve potable water led her to the invention of indigenous innovative green technology product, EcoTrapIn - a waterless urinal. 

On being asked about the enterprise Neha says "Ours’ is a visionary global contribution to conserve valuable resources of planet Earth. We are into for-profit sustainable solutions to help alleviate issues like climate change and environmental burden". 

EcoTrapIn (patent technology) - waterless urinal is an ergonomic and pro-environmental product to tackle water scarcity and sanitation hygiene. The product technology is retrofit that saves 1,67,900 liters of water per urinal annually and thus foster water conservation. The anti bacterial material of product too, is recyclable.

EcoTrapIn transforms any conventional urinal into waterless. Currently it has two versions - EcoTrapInPlus and EcoTrapInXtra. Both patent technology have the same function but with different features. 

EcoTrapInPlus is suitable for basic urinals and gets attached below the urinal bowl with drainage pipe.

EcoTrapInXtra gets attached at the base of urinal bowl and is suitable for high end which has waste coupling. The anti bacterial cartridge stops ammonia formation chemical reaction in urinal and malodour in restroom. Touch free and low maintenance EcoTrapIn waterless urinal enhances restroom hygiene and conserves a million gallons of potable water!

The product targets a wide range of customers primarily into B2B segment viz. corporate office, educational institutes or colleges, government offices, hotels, multiplex etc.


The enterprise is growing gradually. The last 3-4 years have been invested into innovation and implementation of EcoTrapIn. Commercialization hit only in the past few months and sales have been improving since then.


On being asked about the future goals, Neha said "We plan to brand and sell EcoTrapIn Waterless Urinal globally, especially African countries where this green technology can help alleviate hygiene and water scarcity issues".


In conclusion, There are many barriers that adversely affect the successful implementation to proceed with viz., cost, location, mindset etc. To improve upon life support on Earth, these barriers need to be leveraged in favour of natural resources. We need to research and propose solutions to mitigate these barriers through sustainable products and services. Hence, Tapu is a think-tank to create ecosystem with viability, in life harbouring values

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