The future is powered by AI: Masayoshi Son

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Posted On : 16th, March 2019

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The future is powered by AI: Masayoshi Son

16th, March 2019    -    News

Artificial intelligence is in simple terms of Computer Science that emphasizes the creation of more intelligent machines that can act and react like human beings.

The entire world is going behind artificial intelligence as if it is going to create big disruption in the industry through its technology.

Many venture capitalists are showing interest in the AI related product as they think it is the next future for the world. They are pumping a huge chunk of the amount on AI-related start-ups across the world. 

Masayoshi son in his recent interview with the CNBC emphasized that AI will be the biggest revolution in human history. He believes that AI can revolutionize in the next 25 to 30 years as “autonomous driving, autonomous flying, distribution of goods and food, diseases like cancer will get AI solution.”

He also mentioned about the loss of jobs due to artificial intelligence. Does he believe in AI will create more employment? 

NO. He completed disagreeing with the statement which says the loss of jobs.

As per him, there will always be new jobs, new excitement to people can still come up people would be having you know art music entertainment that you jobs exchange war all those things would be exit exiting more human-like more human leg jobs.

However, Son emphasized that he is an optimist and even though there will always be an issue, mankind is smart enough as we always try to adapt to the new situation.

And this will bring more joy and excitement to people, who according to Son, have been working only for money to survive, but then they can work for what excites them.

And on top of that, Son emphasized that SoftBank Group under its Vision Fund has all of the 70 companies it has invested in the last year and a half are AI-centric. “They’re all using the power of AI for the evolution. And they’re fantastic companies,” he said. This includes Uber, OYO, Ola, Flipkart and more.

Globally, the AI market is expected to be worth approximately $73.5 Bn in 2018 and is expected to reach $190.1 Bn by 2025. And in India, a study by Accenture revealed that artificial intelligence (AI) could add $957 Bn to the economy with the potential to increase the country’s income by 15% by 2035.


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