10 Reason Why Entrepreneurship is awesome

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Posted On : 25th, September 2017

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Startup community

10 Reason Why Entrepreneurship is awesome

25th, September 2017    -    Startup community

Entrepreneurship is new career decision. Everyone wants it but few are bold enough to do what it takes to make that dream a reality.

But what is it that drives would-be entrepreneurs to strike out on their own? What were some of the world’s most successful founders, small business owners, and CEO’s thinking when they decided to unleash their genius into the world?

Here are Ten simple reasons why being your own boss (entrepreneurship, in general) is awesome.

As an entrepreneur you can:     

Develop financial independence.

You are completely in charge of your earning potential. “Financial independence means different things to different people. To some, it means having the cash to buy what they want. To others, it means saving for retirement or a home. And for some folks, it simply means opening the bills without dread. Whatever your definition, it means you command your money and not the other way around. That’s a victory worth celebrating.”

Bring your ideas to life.

Entrepreneurs bring ideas to life. “If you know that you will not find peace in your life until your vision becomes a reality, you are willing to invest valuable resources, and acquire new knowledge” it could be time to start your own business.

Release the fear of being fired.

The fear of being fired can make anyone’s workplace uncomfortable. However, as an entrepreneur it is highly unlikely that you will fire yourself. There is a “random quality that exists in layoffs and terminations; working overtime and generating significant revenue for your organization will not necessarily guarantee that you escape the axe.” But layoffs can be a good thing. There are plenty of entrepreneurs who have celebrated being let go — in fact, getting fired led them to entrepreneurial success.

Finally be challenged — in a good way.

Entrepreneurship is challenging and rewarding. As a startup and successful small business you will overcome operational and common issues including competition, funding, planning, and the list goes on. But challenges breed solutions and equip you with the potential to innovate and disrupt industries.

Create a legacy.

What will be your life’s legacy? According to SUCCESS magazine your legacy is, “something you create during your life solely to benefit future generations…” Business philosopher and author Jim Rohn suggests that, “Those who came before leave us the world we live in. Those who will come after will have only what we leave them. We are stewards of this world, and we have a calling in our lives to leave it better than how we found it, even if it seems like such a small part.”

Gain personal fulfillment.

Entrepreneurs aren’t stuck in a career that they aren’t passionate about. Sadly, that is not the case for many employees who report into a thankless job, day-in and day-out. Small business owners are driven by the pursuit of their passions in life. Economist Larry Smith, in a TED Talk, asserts why some will fail to have a great career. Don’t let that be you. What’s your excuse for not following your passion?

Impact the lives of many.

Social entrepreneurs identify a social problem and start a venture to solve it. The era of the social entrepreneur is here. The “role played by entrepreneurs in advancing positive social changes” is growing according to David Bornstein in a NY Times post. “I don’t mean businesspeople solving social ills, but people spreading new approaches — through nonprofits and businesses, or within government — to address problems more successfully than in the past.”

Never have a dull moment.

Many entrepreneurs enjoy being involved in various aspects of their business – from product design, marketing, sales, and branding to financial analysis, public relations, customer acquisition and more. Starting a business will give you the ultimate crash course in what it takes to build something from nothing and turn a profit.

Celebrate massive accomplishment.

Starting a business, turning a profit and surviving the journey along the way is a huge accomplishment. As an entrepreneur, you enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment in knowing that you are offering a valuable product or service to your community. The satisfaction derived from achievement motivation–“the psychological drive to excel, a social form of motivation to perform at a high level of competence”–is like none other.

Rule the world … mwahahaha!

Let’s be honest. When you build an empire from scratch and earn appreciation and gratitude along the way — it is empowering. Most people in this world want to harness their personal power and are unsure how — which results in a whole smorgasbord of misuse and negative expressions of perceived power.

Entrepreneurship can set you on the course for true personal power. “As described in “The Ethics of Interpersonal Relationships (2009),” there is a clear distinction between positive power–personal power–and negative power, which can take either a covert or overt form,” according to a post in Psychology Today. “Personal power is based on strength, confidence, and competence that individuals gradually acquire in the course of their development. It is self-assertion, and a natural, healthy striving for love, satisfaction and meaning in one’s interpersonal world.”


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