This startup wants to become one stop solution to all your Educational requirements.

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Posted On : 03rd, August 2017

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This startup wants to become one stop solution to all your Educational requirements.

03rd, August 2017    -    Startup

With education being the ultimate goal of 51% parents for their children in India, it is not very surprising that EdTech startups are witnessing a surge in growth. The Education startups are rising in terms of funding as well as expectations and changing preferences of people.

One such EdTech startup is EduGorilla which is a one stop Education community.

Rohit Manglik, Founder and CEO of EduGorilla is an alumnus of NIT Surathkal and has worked for several established companies such as Oracle, Morgan Stanley and D.E Shaw Group. Hailing from a middle class family from Uttar Pradesh, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in April’16 by founding EduGorilla.

How did the concept of EduGorilla originate?

Education as a subject has always been close to my heart. Once while visiting a college in my city and interacting with the students there, i realised that they had great ambitions and talent but were not sure about the path to go for it. While pondering over the subject, i realised that students today have nowhere to go to enquire regarding their career path.

Coaching centres, mentors, and counsellors, all of whom claiming to be the best among the lot, are accessible only to the elite who pay exorbitant fees. There is indeed a disconnection between students and their mentors. Thus was born the idea of EduGorilla, an Education startup to fulfill the career needs of all students.

Hailing from a tier 3 city, how has your journey been till date?

Being from a tier 3 city, I wasn't fortunate enough to have access to career guidance that is available to those in tier 1 cities. The situation in remote areas may be worse. This was instrumental in shaping the idea of EduGorilla. However, I was fortunate to have unconditional support of my parents, friends and family who stood by me through everything.

At the age of 25, I had everything I had asked for- a brand name of a premier college, a glittering career, wonderful friends and a living family. Few people get to lead a life like mine.

What does EduGorilla offer and how do you stand out from contemporaries like Uzity and Emantra?

EduGorilla currently offers 30,000 free study materials across various categories for students preparing for 195 different examinations such as CAT, UPSC, CA, IIT JEE, GRE and the like. More than 56,000 coaching institutes across 52 cities are included in our directory listing which is the largest in India covering educational preparation centres in every nook and corner of the country. We also have a dedicated 'Q&A platform’ to resolve career related doubts of students. More than 5000 articles have been uploaded on our website decoding various professions, coaching institutions, competitive examinations and everything related to career. Unlike our competitors, we provide all career related guidance to students at zero cost. All that students need to do is log onto our website to access our services.

Could you share the details of the present track record of EduGorilla and the path you tread to achieve these tractions?

Within a short span of time, we have clocked impressive figures. Today, EduGorilla has 1,00,000 active subscribers, 9,00,000 monthly unique visitors, a growth rate of 130% month-over-month and 2,00,000 Facebook subscribers. EduGorilla currently offers 30,000 free study materials. Recently, we have raised funding from London-based and Dubai-based investors. I owe my success to my extremely talented and diligent team.

How does EduGorilla help students to take the right decisions? How do tutors and counsellors benefit from this platform?

The key to a right decision is right and plenty information. If you have these, the process of decision making becomes a cake walk. EduGorilla is a bridge between educationists and students and fosters a healthy dialogue among all stakeholders of education. Besides offering India's largest free study material library and online directory of educational institutions, EduGorilla hosts a diverse community of students and subject-matter-experts, professionals, counsellors, and faculty from schools, colleges, and universities to help individuals with the career needs and queries. A “cognitive intelligence” model has been architect so that those seeking regarding their career-related questions can be helped to decide judiciously, and with enhanced confidence. All these facilities are available to students entirely free of cost.

Being a young entrepreneur yourself, what would you like to advice the students and wannabe entrepreneurs?

Always be enthusiastic to learn new things and read at least two books every month. Never compromise on ethics and remember that good things in life come with patience.

Website: Edugorilla

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