This Duo is changing the Publisher Ad network and helping SMBs.

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Posted On : 09th, June 2017

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Tech Startup

This Duo is changing the Publisher Ad network and helping SMBs.

09th, June 2017    -    Tech Startup

Raja Chakraborty and Naveen Chennal, the co-founders of Streamlyn worked for the same company and during their small and long talks, always discussed about how the media is diversifying and the publishers AKA content owners who put so much hard work and time to create content, just get a pie from the actual share that should get. The idea is the by-product of our desire to help online publishers grow in terms of revenue and user base. Their primary focus from the day one is to help small and medium scale publishers from ground zero and make them realize the value of their digital assets.

Naveen and Raja have been in the online advertising industry for a long time and that is what makes them different. There is a saying which says “Do whatever you do best and make it your profession”. They have been working in this industry from the beginning of their career and during this course, they realized that they have a deep passion toward this field and they are very good at what they do.

They have handled media budgets ranging from US$100,000 to US$3,500,000 and were very successful in achieving the deliverables. With a long-hauled experience and passion towards the field, they proceeded with the new venture. 

The plus point during this Startup is the experience of the co-founders at different levels of online media marketing. "We worked as a Trainee, then moved to operations and excelled there. We were then promoted to campaign managers and then to senior account managers and at last sales. This journey from different levels and roles made us understand the market better and we could foresee the challenges that every department and client faces while working for online media campaigns. Probably this is what makes us better than others. “Said the co-founders. 

Journey so far.. 

"The journey so far has been very exciting and all the people who work for Streamlyn are passionate about the company and work. We love our work and love the challenges that we face every day." 

It started in a 2-bhk house with just two co-founders and later moved to a shared space to make sure we get the office environment. By the time, they were approaching new clients and delivering the results to them, it felt over loaded with the work and then moved to a 600 Sq. Ft, office with 3 more people from the industry to help grow the company. 

At present, the work takes place at a 3500 Sq. Ft office with more than 25 people onboard. They also have new sales managers working out of US and SG and are planning to explore the APAC market which is still not saturated. 

To sum it up, everyone faces challenges every day however we have to make sure we solve it within the time frame so that our client’s business does not get affected due to any hiccups. 

The main USP of Streamlyn is the technology behind its proprietary products. 

BidsXchange: A self-serve portal for SMB advertisers where they can easily upload their ads in the system. Once uploaded, advertisers can target the desired publishers and audience interests such shopping, technology, finance etc.

StreamX: A self-serve portal for publishers. Here publishers can login and procure scripts from the system which they later put in their site for displaying ads. The portal provides ads from different demand partners along with ads from BidsXchange. It ensures that publishers leverage the huge user base and generate extra revenues. 

Quality is one of the factors that Streamlyn takes very seriously. In fact, the motto of the company and tagline is “Quality is value”. If you happen to click on the domain , you would land in their website. 

All the advertisers and publishers that work with Streamlyn needs to go through a rigorous approval process before they are taken live. They explain both the parties the severity involved to keep the eco system clean and urge them to comply with the terms and conditions. It is made sure that both the advertisers and publishers could access quality supply and brand safe demand. 

On being asked - What makes the publishers achieve a better ROI by using Streamlyn?

Streamlyn's Customers include top media Agencies and advertisers on one side whom they help achieving their marketing goal and audience with their product, vast experience and 1st party audience data recorded. With the understanding of audience data and marketing strategies they help companies to get a better ROI along with reduced cost per sale.

Future plans of the company include to achieve the goal of a 100-Million-dollar company by 2019. The company started in July 2015 with revenues for that year being USD 170K. By 2016, they saw a tremendous growth in our revenue, which was USD 1.2 Million. They are seeing a growth of 20% month on month this year. Started with just 5 clients, the company now is working closely with more than 110 partners across the globe.  

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