This Israeli startup helps your online business content to embrace local languages.

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Posted On : 26th, July 2017

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International Startup

This Israeli startup helps your online business content to embrace local languages.

26th, July 2017    -    International Startup

Have ever thought of helping the uncle next door in setting up a website for his small shop and ended up worrying how will localities use an English website? Well, here is a solution. The, the online one click translator that translates your website to any localised language. It is a unique solution that completely automates the website localization process with a simple line of code, no programming or project management required. 

The term Bablic comes from Tower of Babel. For those of you new to Bible terms, Tower of Babel is the episode in Bible where humanity's languages get mixed up. The makers of Bablic say that it came up when Babel fish, a character from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", came into picture.

Coming to the backbones of Bablic, Gabriele Manasse, the CEO, has spent most of his career in finance and Fintech, gaining a lot of experience in Sales and business development and henceforth maintaining medium and large teams. Ishai Jaffe, the CTO has over 10 years of experience in writing code for the web. Being an expert in developing cloud based and large scale web applications, he has worked for several software houses where he led projects for large enterprises.

This is how the idea of Bablic got pitched in, Ishai got frustrated with the long, cumbersome, boring and expensive website localization projects and decided that he wanted to build a smarter and faster way to achieve the same result. 

The makers admit that Content marketing is not Bablic's cup of tea. But for companies that do multi-lingual content marketing will definitely need multi-lingual landing pages, to address their visitors, Bablic will be the best option. Also, by using Bablic, the website's SEO ranking steeps up and increase the site's visibility in local search engines.

Being started as a side project by Ishai in 2012, Bablic was experimented as a real project and got a real interface in 2014. Bablic hit the market in 2015. The very first user were very enthusiastic about having such a quick and easy localization solution, but was quiet disappointed as Bablic was not nearly ready. Now Bablic has hit a 9/10 points in public reviews with 47+ languages being supported.

Bablic has a very strong technological base. This helps it reach a high quality output with minimal effort. For all those of you coding enthusiasts, the base of Bablic is DOM manipulation through asynchronous JavaScript, but on top of that they use a lot of smart mapping, packets optimization, a very strong CDN and lots of heuristics to optimize the delivery time of the content.

Even after reading all these, a question might arise. There are Google, Expedia translators as well. Then why Bablic? The answer is simple. Bablic offers professional translations. It is possible to mix and match between machine translation, professional translation, manual editing and a proprietary glossary. This assures the best quality translation, even under customized requirements. The translations can be fine-tuned until the customers get a 100% satisfaction with the outcome.

The makers of Bablic has got a real broad vision to make Bablic the best chosen go-to tool for any company looking forward to expand cross borders. Starting from the web, Bablic will be able to localize any technology, be it the mobile apps we use, social media profiles, online communities and much more. Additionally, Bablic's catalogue of translators is going to grow to a full-fledged marketplace where in it is possible to buy any services related to localization. We can expect Bablic covering our dubbing, subtitles making, banner designing, keyword optimizations and many more sectors soon.

There is a user manual provided in the that gives the detailed instructions of how to use the website. In order to get the whole picture, I strongly recommend testing it out for free in the official site of Bablic. Now no worries of having to rewrite the website code to accommodate multiple languages and formats. Technology is indeed overpowering man's reach.

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