This couple quit their Six figures Software jobs to Start Teashop

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Posted On : 23rd, April 2018

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This couple quit their Six figures Software jobs to Start Teashop

23rd, April 2018    -    F&B

Tea is the favorite drink in India. Mornings in India are incomplete without a cup of tea for most of the Indians. India being a chai drinking country, needs more places where you can enjoy the taste of freshly made up tea with good ambiance. India is the second largest producer of tea in the world after China. Though, India is one of the largest tea producers in the world the consumption of tea within India itself is more than 70% .

The couple from Nagpur decided to quit their jobs and enter into the venture of starting a tea shop into an unknown field.

The couple Nithin V Biyani, 36 and wife Pooja, 34 started their tea shop after considering all the possible thoughts and ideas from their elders especially from Pooja’s father.

After thinking considerably and getting the support from the elders the couple quit their software engineering jobs in Pune to start a new venture of ‘Chai Villa” in Nagpur’s Darodkar square.

“Pooja and I worked in the highly-taxing IT industry. Often, like other professionals, we used to drink a cup of tea (chai) to relax and distress. We always craved for healthy and tasty chai, but what we got was really terrible chai made at tea-stalls in grossly unhygienic condition and poor in taste,” Nithin.

“We both thought of changing all this and replace with hot, tasty, fresh handmade chai at nominal rates. Then we just kick-started the idea in Nagpur, the Orange city of India last November,” Pooja added.

India is immensely a tea-drinking country where most of the people say 75 crore people at least have 2 cups of tea daily or 150 crore cups. For this, they conducted a detailed marketing research for nearly four months.

Nithin explained in a simple way that a simple tea shop can also become a huge tea-industry by looking into the revenue earned from a single cup, the amount of milk, tea-dust, tea- masalas, sugar and other ingredients.

Though the couple started their tea-shop “Chai Villa” at Darodkar square in Nagpur they were able to attract the customer by introducing new types of innovations, clean and pleasing ambiance, polite services the customers were given a selection of 20 different chais and cold chais which are enjoyed by the customer enthusiastically.

Nithin further said with a pride that they were able to provide 175,000 cups of chai and were able to collect Rs 15 lakh in the collection box which includes 30% percent profit over past 5 months .

The Biyani’s managed the show by introducing innovation and unique business models along with their 10 strong teams and were able to attract the top investors by positively impacting the people of Nagpur.

Nithin said that they give free delivery of tea for a minimum order of five cups or Rs100value over a specified distance. He also added that his new venture has tied up with small local business to sell tea on their behalf by providing 10% margin which got a huge response.

“Chai Villa” provides the corporate with unique monthly subscription plan who order tea in large quantities for their staff or guest and they also deal with local network deliveries to provide customer fresh and hot chai within the shortest time.

Nithin explains the success factor of his start-up that pricing plays an important factor. He priced his tea between Rs 8 and Rs 20 competiting with the rates of traditional tea-stalls.

He said,” we are able to increase the goodwill by using only distilled water, clean preparations and using our secret herbs, and using the best quality of tea-dust and sulphur free sugar, serving in eco friendly cups or clay cups and prompt service with pleasant ambience plus we are able to provide customer doorstep service at affordable rates”

Chai Villa also provides ice-cream chocolate coffee, sandwiches and light snacks occupying the top slots of Rs 45. Chai Villa also provides the customer with high priced offerings depending on their choices.

However, the Biyani’s are restless with their current progress of 175,000 cups served they are wishing to increased the cups served with a planning of mega-expansion.

Nithin said,” We hope to sell nearly around two million cups of tea and expect a revenue up to Rs 3 crores by at least launching 10 Chai Villas in and around Nagpur city by December 2019”.

Chai Villa prefer to hire around 150 youngsters preferably the poor, semi-illiterate or even physically handicapped who are needy and help the Chai Villa to reach the heights of success.

According to Nithin, the citizens of Nagpur visit Chai Villa from 10 am to 11 pm and they enjoy the taste of chai in their leisure time and leave with a happiness in their face –“ which we consider the valuable feedback from them.

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