LOCALTURNON – Turning on the Music Talent Volume

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Posted On : 27th, June 2019

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LOCALTURNON – Turning on the Music Talent Volume

27th, June 2019    -    Startup

An IPL match, A live band playing, A restaurant, and keen observation is what started this Music & Dance Venture by Tajinder Bagga in 2015. The fact that Musicians and Artists in India were in abundance and talented but could do with platforms to promote them at local levels is what became the preamble for Localturnon.

Circa 2019 and Localturnon (local for around, turnon for increasing the volume and the logo resonates as well) has collaborated and worked with over 1500 artists, musicians, bands, dancers and troupes and across genre be it classical, contemporary or modern. They have promoted more than 1000 Music events across Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune as part of the preamble. Their foray into own events like the Confused Desi Food Concert in 2017, Sufiya Event with Nizami Bandhu in 2018 and Corporate events like DLF entertainment Partner for the Noida Mall’s 2nd Anniversary, ATS Annual Day Celebrations, IndusInd Bank’s event with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways or the Corporate Parties for E&Y, IndusInd, IBM teams, Organising the RWA or local Sector parties is a testimony to the trust Localturnon has gained in these two years. They are now looking to reach out to Colleges and Institutes, Exhibitions and Fair Organizers as part of this fiscal strategy.

Localturnon is like a Zomato for Music and Dance in the sense that we have a listing of over750 Centres, Multiple Artists and will now have events as well. Customers can browse as per genre, category, price, etc. We also rely on social media to promote events, artists and this helps in visibility for in the Entertainment industry “Jo dikhta hai Wahi bikta hai” (translated it means what is seen is what sells). Yes, we have covered stories for Shubha Mudgal, Darshan Rawal, Airtel Wynk on our platforms.

But their Journey has seen enough struggles as well. As Tajinder Bagga, Founder & CEO – Localturnon puts it “We spent the whole of 2016 just observing, interacting with Artists, Bands, Attended Events of all types and lapped up anything that came in the papers about Music, Dance, Entertainment. It was only in 2017 that we began our commercial operations and that too as a pilot”. He continues, “ Yes, we have tripped but risen and learned in these 2.5 years of operations. We signed up artists whom we later realised were not of enough caliber to pitch them for events or took up assignments where we had to shell out more than we bargained for”.

One thing that we have never comprised is of quality, trust, and relationship. It is this philosophy that all members of the team are strongly urged to follow. “It’s a very unorganized sector, and you will hear about last minute backing outs, a lot of overpromising and under-deliver scenarios. There are venues who don’t pay on time, stall, and go incommunicado in spite of agreed terms. These are just some of the challenges we have to face,” says Tajinder Bagga. But therein also lies the opportunity.

“We are very keen to experiment now promoting a few artists who we feel have the potential to make it big. We are already working with a few DJs, Musicians, Bands in Delhi Chandigarh and Kolkata. Fingers crossed we should get them to a level where they will make it to the next stage, “ says Tajinder.

Music and Dance are like Air and Water. You can’t control it, and there’s always the next wave coming. If there is a cricketer in very Galli in India then in the same Galli you will find a musician or a dancer as well. Its this inexhaustible resource of a fresh newer wave that we hope to some day be a part of and take it to the next level. That’s when we would have truly “turned-on” the talent through Localturnon.


Website: Localturnon


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