30 founders from across the country join Supreme Incubator for six-month virtual incubation program

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Posted On : 07th, August 2020

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30 founders from across the country join Supreme Incubator for six-month virtual incubation program

07th, August 2020    -    Startup

Supreme Incubator is launching the second cohort of its six-month incubation program. It will run from August 2020 to the end of this year and is designed to enable founders to graduate with robust, scalable, and fundable ventures. Shortlisted startups were vetted through three rounds by Supreme Incubator's management team and mentors. The participating startups come from diverse backgrounds, including health-tech, ed-tech, space-tech, and e-commerce. Joining the cohort is a startup developing AI-powered autonomous rovers for space exploration, an ed-tech venture building an AI-based skill enhancement platform to place students, an e-commerce platform promoting sustainable fashion, a company offering AI as a service platform and other startups with equally disruptive ideas.

Founders who enroll in the current program will be part of a structured, hands-on curriculum. They will receive hyper-personalized support and will be mentored by dedicated advisors. Also, they will have the opportunity to network with industry insiders; which is essential to a startup's success. Additionally, each founder will have opportunities to participate in regular brainstorming sessions, workshops, and peer pitching sessions to foster peer learning and engagement with other founders in the cohort.

"At Supreme Incubator, we fuel the hustle of the startup founders through our structured entrepreneurship booster program. Spread over six months, the program goes hand in hand with the founders' journey, coaching them in mitigating challenges and building successful products," said Disha Singla, Co-founder of Supreme Incubator.

Supreme Incubator's leadership team understands that experience is the best teacher. Founders in the second cohort will listen to and learn from ex-founders who've "been there, done that". During these speaker sessions, founders will learn what pitfalls others have faced and how they can be navigated. The program also has regularly placed speaker sessions hosted by industry experts on domains like blockchain, artificial intelligence, UI/UX success stories, etc, to ensure a rounded industry immersion for the venture founders. 

Speaking about the launch of the second cohort, Tanvi Singla, Co-founder of Supreme Incubator said "The program emphasizes building a strong, sustainable foundation for each venture by giving customized goals for each founder through a structured approach. We're very excited to have so many inspiring founders in the program."

The program culminates in a Demo Day when founders showcase what they've built to marquee investors. For this cohort, Supreme is organizing Demo Days in the months of October and December 2020.

About Supreme Incubator

Supreme Incubator is a virtual startup incubator, based in India. The program empowers handpicked early-stage entrepreneurs to grow their ideas through a 6-month program during which the founders work alongside targeted mentors, investors, and partners in their industry while also attending regular workshops and hands-on advisory sessions to pave the way for a successful startup. In addition, each startup receives various complementary services through global partners, along with free office space.

Website: Supreme Incubator  

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