DAAKI, the true nutrition brand for athletes

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Posted On : 02nd, February 2018

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DAAKI, the true nutrition brand for athletes

02nd, February 2018    -    F&B

The Indian Nutraceutical industry has been under a constant flak for the last 5-7 years as the majority of Indian brands try to either imitate western nutrition trends or look at manufacturing cheap copies of some bestsellers. 80% of the market share in Indian Nutraceutical industry is owned by Western brands. 70% of these brands are duplicated. Distribution houses are run by traditional businessmen who don’t really differentiate between the good and the bad nutrition. Ethical business is surely a challenge to the current ecosystem. Surviving – Thriving – Communicating in this scenario is an uphill task.

DAAKI is a totally fresh approach towards looking at athlete’s food. It is a Sports Nutrition brand which formulates designs and manufactures nutrition supplements for athletes. It speaks a new design language right from the product to branding. The supplement design methods are an amalgamation of modern sports supplementation with traditional techniques. Certainly, not an easy task in the present ecosystem. But, "we belong to the warrior clan," says Mr Amit. 

Amit Dadas is a 34 years young, B-Tech Graduate with 5+ years of experience in IT at Wipro Technologies as a Business Analyst. He has been working on this project for the past 4 years. His father is a retired professor in Sports Management & Swimming Coach and is currently coaching the Indian Para-Swimming Team. Amit has been a professional swimmer and has represented Madhya Pradesh at 3 Nationals and has won more than 3 Medals professionally. He was doing great with his former company Wipro. They gave him opportunities to travel & work outside the country most of the times. However, the corporate job was getting depressing at certain times. He always wanted to contribute back to sports and there could be nothing better than feeding young athletes.

He got interested in supplementation in London where he purchased his first protein tub. However, after 3 months it didn’t change anything in him. That’s what got his attention and he started reading on a daily basis. There was a huge gap, he discovered. Products didn’t really function the way they were supposed to. The label claims were misguiding and a chaotic marketing was done on the web. He couldn’t trust the web-based blogs and articles as they were all funded. Hence, he got to the books and research material. He resigned from London and came back to India. He always wanted to start a blog in DAAKI’s name, wherein he could review products & suggest new methods.

He approached some application labs in New Delhi but was turned down. Finally, with his father’s help, he got his first test subjects, used them to buy supplements from retail, blend them in his formulations and test them out on the subjects. It worked!!! And that’s when the brand idea of DAAKI was born!!!

There are 6 members of the team currently. Most of the team members have themselves been entrepreneurs. For instance, Prajval Shetty is the Founder & CEO of Alpha Armour and heads all Marketing operations at DAAKI. Arvind ran his own design house and is the lead designer. Divya generates creative content and she is also a professional videographer, writer and director for a couple of short films.

The main motto at DAAKI is to make sure that their products are authentic and in no way, the quality is sacrificed. They procure ingredients from all over the world on their own rather than relying on third-party vendors to ensure quality. They want to create a unique identity for themselves, that would resonate with the consumers. A lot goes into a brand, more than just name and colours. It is always tough to gain a strong consensus on creative product ideas and designs. But they efficiently achieved so with their wide range of products.


It is the world's first protein-based pre work-out formula and the most efficient two in one product. 16 grams of hydrolyzed whey protein per serving. 12 grams of pre-workout elements per serving and 26 unique pre-workout elements.


It is a holistic recovery formula for quicker growth and post-training recovery. It consists of 21.5 grams of fast digesting whey protein blend and added BCAAs with 13 unique healing herbs for complete relaxation and rejuvenation. It also has reserveratrol, HMB, MSM, banana and coconut water pulp with omega3, vitamins and minerals.


It is a multi functional meal replacement supplement. It consists of the most versatile blend of 7 unique slow release proteins along with another necessary macro + micro phyto nutrients. Its chemical composition is 22 grams protein + 3.6 grams fiber + 850 mg essential fats + 450 mg vitamins and minerals + 3.3 Grams of Herbal Food with PH balancers.


It is a 90% pure hydrolysed whey protein isolate. A 30 Gram Serving contains 27 Grams Protein, 3 Grams L-Leucine, 0 Carbs and proteolytic enzymes for better bio-availability.


It is the ultimate muscle gainer with 4 unique muscle gain protein sources mainly milk, eggs, prown rice and roasted peas. It also contains traditional sources of carbs and fats that is almonds, honey, dates and jaggery. 5.2 grams of herbal test booster matrix with test boosting aminos. Creatine monohydrate with GABA, MCT and essential omega 6 and 9s.


It is the world's most extreme pre-workout supplement. It has the world's biggest pre-workout serving of 27 grams. It contains 12 grams of 11 unique pre-workout amino acids, 2 grams of magical pre-workout herbs, natural caffeine, theobromine, pterostilbene, glucuronolactone, creatine HCL, GABA, betaine, agmatine sulphate, ribose.


It is the intra workout charge and the world's biggest intra-workout serving. It is powered by 4.8 grams BCAAs (L-Leucine, L-IsoLeucine, L-Valine), Additional added H-IC-A + H-M-B (equivalent to 13 grams of L-Leucine), banana Powder with Coconut Water powder, Watermelon Powder, 4.8 grams of ribose, 2.7 Grams of Performance Booster Aminos (Citrulline Malate + Theanine + Norvaline + Taurine) and 1.25 grams of Endurance Boosters (Natural Caffeine + Theobromine + Agmatine Sulphate + Glucuronolactone + Betaine).

DAAKI recently raised angel fund and are planning to invest 80% of the funds in R&D and product development.

On being asked about their competitors the founder Mr Amit Dabas said "Our competitors don’t even come near when it comes to product quality, formulations and ingredients. We have spent almost 5 years to conceptualize these products. And our competitors don’t think like athletes while making products for athletes – We do!!"

They are not here to compete with any Indian or Foreign brands. They believe that they have already beaten them on quality. They are here to create their own cult!!

Nutrition market is already a billion dollar market in India. However, 80% of the Indian market is occupied by imported products and 70% of these imported products are fake replicas. Duplicates are selling at all the online (including Amazon) and offline stores at dead cheap prices. This is a market which is growing by 20+ % year-on-year. Sustainability is tough in such ecosystem. However, if there is a great respect for Clean Business. And if you got a USP – you have got a great potential says the founder. "DAAKI will need stronger import checks and stronger regulations from FSSAI to help protect their interests. Slowly, Tier2 and Tier3 cities are starting to show revenues and very soon we will be starting exports as well" says Mr Amit. They plan to bring in some new products to the catalogue by March end. The team is continuously working on the R&D. "Now, we need to go out to the market and work on brand visibility. It will be a tough time educating the masses" says Amit.

Website: DAAKI

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