This Startup is on a journey to enable 51 million Indian SMB’s get online instantly

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Posted On : 24th, July 2017

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Tech Startup

This Startup is on a journey to enable 51 million Indian SMB’s get online instantly

24th, July 2017    -    Tech Startup

It all started by asking one simple question – How much would you pay to get your company website done?

How was this idea of “instant website building in front of the client” conceived?

I had been on the lookout for an idea that has a large target addressable market and is in the unorganised sector that had a potential technology disruption play. Technology had been a challenge for me personally in my past startup. I also came across several business owners who would inquisitively always ask me how they can take their business online and be always fascinated by the opportunity. Frankly, getting their business online has been a Pandora’s box for a large business population in India and I wanted to solve this challenge with simplicity. That’s how the idea of assisted instant websites built-in front of the client was born.

What are the services offered by you?

To start with, we are only building an MVP and taking it to the market to achieve a product market fit. Our services and product offerings will develop and evolve from consultative conversations with our clients. Our focus for the next quarter is to deliver on the promise of instant websites that get SMB’s online, get them more visibility, more customers and more profit.

How do you plan to ensure the genuineness of the product?

The product is developed in-house by our tech team. The business pays only if he likes the end product created in front of him. It can’t get more genuine than this.

“Get Online, Get Discovered, Get More Customers And Make More Profit” how do you guarantee that your client will get discovered more?

Our secret sauce technology in the backend ensures that every time the SMB updates his website, those updates are geo-tagged for location-based searches and show up in nearby location search results. With my personal track record of over a decade in consumer internet, I’m certain that as the SMB’s update their websites regularly, they will see a surge in visibility and potential customers.

How Does Getting A Website Through you, Get More Business and profit?

So as explained earlier, getting online and getting more visibility converts to more customers and profit. We also have very interesting feature sets like business enquiries and broadcasts. For example, assume that an ice cream parlour XYZ has a website and they have just launched flavour of the week – Candyco. The Ice cream parlour can post an update on its website with the pic of the Candyco ice cream and its description. The same update gets auto-posted on all its social networks. Not only that, the ice cream parlour also has an option to broadcast the same update to everyone who has subscribed to his website for regular updates. This way there’s a constant communication loop with potential customers.

Now, the interesting bit. Suppose you are in a nearby location to this ice cream parlour and you search for “ice cream near me” on google, you will discover “Candyco – a flavour of the week” update on top and this gets the ice cream parlour, new customer, as well.

Tell us something about your team? How do you plan to manage the 15-minute time frame? 

Currently, we have a very lean team with a very heavy inclination towards engineering. We plan to further expand the engineering team. On the leadership side, we are on the lookout for a co-founder CMO, CTO and VP Sales.

What are the anticipated difficulties faced during the website development?

The technology environment is very dynamic and what we did in the first week of February already started feeling outdated by the third week. We quickly adapted and included progressive frameworks that are cutting edge. The anticipated challenge will be possibly to stay ahead of the curve while still maintaining market sanity. Finding the technology mix that is the sweet spot between being progressive and too early for the market.

Would you like to say something to the budding website developers?

The Internet is the Oil of the future. The future is Online. Be the force.

What are your future plans?

Our plans for the immediate future is to have a great team, cutting edge technology and sales. The near future will focus on setting processes and iterations on product and pricing. In about a year, we should be a well-oiled machine having significant amount of insights with the SMB audience, a delightful product experience and a playbook to take the entire nation’s SMB’s online. 


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