Looking for a perfect snack to stay healthy but satisfy hunger?

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Posted On : 29th, January 2018

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Looking for a perfect snack to stay healthy but satisfy hunger?

29th, January 2018    -    F&B

Mid-meal hunger pangs can be tricky, be it at home or office and especially for the little ones.        All heart aims at providing children with innovative, wholesome snacks to munch on anytime through the day. The ingredients are carefully selected to create food that satisfies your needs - great taste and real nutrition- that brings about a change in your lifestyle and makes you a healthier you!

Founded by Aniket Karia, all heart is a healthy food brand that manufactures healthy yet yummy snacks at a very affordable price.

Born in 1988, Aniket Karia, finished his schooling from St. Mary’s High School and went on to graduate from KC College, Mumbai. Having started his career with iBall, one of India’s leading IT companies, Aniket worked in the corporate sector for 5 years before he decided to follow his passion in the F&B and nightlife space. After quitting his corporate job, he worked with Orion Entertainment and worked on restaurants like 145 and The St Regis Hotel heading the marketing and events department. After gaining enough experience in the F&B space, he founded ‘all heart’.

The need to come up with an entire range of healthy food crossed his mind when Aniket witnessed his sister struggle while buying nibbles for her two-year-old. Besides the fact that most of the options available are all foreign made, healthy food for kids is so expensive. There’s not too much one can choose from if you don’t want to compromise on quality. That was when all heart was born.

All heart has a range of different snacks like Super Seeded Crackers, Chocolate Seeded Crackers, Berry Seeded Crackers, Whole Wheat Cheesy Crackers, Flavoured Peanut Butter dips and so much more. The crackers are a perfect snack for the kids as they contain a high amount of protein, energy, naturally available ingredients and are handmade with lots of love. These crackers are perfect to munch on in between meals, not to mention how great they taste when you add it to your smoothie or sprinkle it over your cereal. They can be eaten with a dip of your choice or relished as is.

Their Peanut Butter range includes Cinnamon Honey, Paprika and a favourite among all – Chocolate!

The main agenda of all heart is to spread the message that healthy food can be as enjoyable as you want it to be. It aims at making snacking healthy and fun by using only natural ingredients, no preservatives, no added stabilizers, and no artificial flavours. Instead, they are packed with nutrients and protein that your child requires and oodles of yumminess to go with it!

Besides all heart, Aniket has founded two other Startup companies - Digital Breakfast, a social media company with clients across India in 2015 and an events company, Mad Men events whose strength lies in consistently planning and executing not just events, but creating iconic experiences for their clients and their guests in the beginning of 2017. Aniket excelled in sports in school. Heading the school basketball and football U- 14 and U- 16 teams, Aniket has always been a dynamic and zealous individual. He loves to catch up on movies in his free time and Photography is a passion he loves to indulge in.

On being asked about who their competitors are and how will they outcompete them, the young founder listed Get Baked, Snackible as their competitors. But also mentioned that there are no real competitors as none of them are specifically doing crackers. But any healthy food brand is a competitor for us.

At the current moment, the organization aims to capture online and digital platforms post which they plan to go retail. "As for distribution, we haven't gone there yet, as we haven't gone retail," says Aniket. As of now the logistics are packed and sealed and got to the head office.

And finally, for those of you who are already hungry, the products are available on Scootsy, Swiggy and Prop shop24. In future, All Heart will be going retail soon indicates the founder.

This is a booming industry as people are getting more conscious towards what they are eating and hence there is a huge scope for innovative and fun products. That's exactly what all heart aims to achieve with their healthy and tasty snacks!

Website: Allheart

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