Dushyant Mehta, Founder of Ubiquitous Mediaworks speaks about how result-driven niche targeting approach can enhance ROI

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Posted On : 28th, February 2020

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Featured entrepreneur

Dushyant Mehta, Founder of Ubiquitous Mediaworks speaks about how result-driven niche targeting approach can enhance ROI

28th, February 2020    -    Featured entrepreneur

Dushyant is the founder of Ubiquitous MediaWorks and a dynamic leader who has started his career in the largest-selling regional print magazine and has covered multiple aspects of marketing and advertising through his journey to make his mark in the highly competitive and fast-moving industry. Our team connected with Dushyant from Ubiquitous MediaWorks for an interview to know his journey so far.

S J: Please tell us about your professional journey

Dushyant: 15 Years ago, with the hunger for knowledge, I started my career in advertising sales for the Chitralekha group, a Gujarati and Marathi magazine, along with various lifestyle verticals. Four years later, when online marketing and the Internet was booming, and I wanted to strike that iron while it was hot. That landed me to sulekha.com, where I managed advertising and sales before moving to Business Standard, a business daily newspaper targeting elite business class. Later I moved to a sci-tech innovation - MM Activ targeting niche B2B segment in the biopharma sector. Then I got my hands on developing business and maximizing revenue in Print, Digital, and Events at 9.9 mediaworx reaching out to IT Decision Makers.

In 2016, My role as a business head in Carnival Pictures got me into a different universe of Film Production, Advertising, and Marketing. Then I moved to I.media networks as a Chief business officer, where I managed the overall administrative, financial, and operations side of the business in 2017.

Fast forward to today, I am a founder of a 360° Media, Marketing and Advertising company - Ubiquitous Mediaworks Private Limited, which in simpler terms, means 'present everywhere.'

S J: What is the main reason for Ubiquitous Mediaworks to come to existence? 

Dushyant: During my previous jobs, I realized that in the universe of marketing and advertising, there exists a demand to have unified solutions targeting niche markets that directly caters directly to their target audience. Ubiquitous Mediaworks came into existence to overcome this very problem and bring a change. I want to change the way brands look at marketing and advertising by offering them the solutions that give maximum ROI.

S J: You work on the principle of Build The New, Renew The Old. Please explain 

Dushyant: Every brand is looking to build new prospects while renewing and retaining their existing customers. Ubiquitous Mediaworks thrives to offer solutions that not only help advertisers and marketers build a new market but also in renewing what's already with them. It is a cycle of marketing and remarketing to get maximum results.

S J: How do you deliver the value to the customer and please explain the approach? 

Dushyant: We orchestrate, operate, and optimize our customer's marketing transformations focusing the right target group and offer business-friendly, result-driven solutions. Our end to end 360degree service offerings are the customizable basis on client’s requirements. Ubiquitous Mediaworks was kick-started with a core vision to be present in each and every business category offering niche segments and solving the business needs of every Advertiser, Marketer, Business Head, and Owner. We provide solutions that will reach to the right decision-maker across sectors in both B2B and B2C space and offer solutions that think about customer's objective from the customer's perspectives. Our product portfolio includes service offerings right from Advertising, Branded Content, Digital Marketing, Events, Film Production, Influencer Marketing, Performance Marketing, Public Relations and much more.


S J: Can you name some brands you worked earlier?

Dushyant: Being in media for over 15 years, I have worked with leading clients, involved in several landmark projects that are global in scope. Right from Great Escape Water Park, Shah Group, Shree Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad, Wintogeno, zoom car, Midas care, etc. in B2C to Siemens, Adobe, Tata Docomo Business service, Kaspersky, ET Edge and many more in B2B space


Ubiquitous Mediaworks, on the other hand, has successfully handled campaigns for leading brands like Horlicks, Netmagic, Belvedere Golf and Country club, Radio Mirchi, First Advantage, Shah Group, amongst many other leading brands.


S J: How do you differentiate Ubiquitous Mediaworks in the crowded market?

Dushyant: How Ubiquitous Mediaworks stands out from the crowded market is by offering what advertisers want. We have a pool of target audiences in the SME segment, Rural markets, Youth & Generation-Z target group, as well as end decision makers in overall B2B and B2C space. With this kind of audience and niche target markets, we are aiming to make a difference in the Advertising & Marketing space.

S J: India is a hub for SMEs, and many of them do not have even online presence. What is your take on it?

Dushyant: The world is moving towards the digital era and having a digital presence is like having an ID for your business. In today’s competitive world, every company needs to be present online, but with so many options, they don't know where to look. Due to this very reason, SMEs often skip the part of having an online presence. Our team is continuously working on solving this gap and providing happy, confusion-free SMEs go online!


S J: What is your mantra for success and your favorite entrepreneurship quote? 

Dushyant: "You need the right people with you, not the best people" ~Jack Ma

This quote has always been with me when it comes to hiring, partnership, or even working with clients. With the right people by me, I know I can achieve the greatest heights.


Website: Ubiquitous MediaWorks


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