Want Home ? Rent it with RentMyStay

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Posted On : 04th, May 2019

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Startup Event

Want Home ? Rent it with RentMyStay

04th, May 2019    -    Startup Event

These days it’s very difficult to get home for rental especially in metropolitan cities like Bangalore it becomes harder to find. And also we may face some problems while moving one house to others. For all these one solution is RentMyStay.

RentMyStay is an online platform to rent a place for any duration. We want to make the whole renting process as simple as check-in to a hotel. We provide a variety of options ranging from fully furnished apartments, villas, rooms to independent homes. We put a full stop to all the impediments you face while leasing space.

RentMyStay today is a pioneer in the flexi rental model, where one could rent a home for the flexible duration with all house-hold things taken care of. This will define the future of renting. Property owners could partner with us to earn good returns and continued occupancy through flexi renting. It’s a new concept and requires educating people in rental and travel domain. Where ever you go now you could rent a place effortlessly and live like a local be it for just a few months or for multiple years!

Rentmystay basically based in Bangalore startup it is offering property management and all rental solution to both owners and tenants. It is established in 2014 by Kiran,Nagarajappa and Rakesh kamble. Kiran has 15 years of experience in Product Management, Product design, and software development. He worked on Large Enterprise application, Algorithmic Trading, and Big Data during my tenure at Hewlett Packard, Goldman Sachs, Reach360 and Sure Waves. And Rakesh Kamble has over 13 years of experience in Product Management, Product designs, Product transformation, and Software development. He was earlier associated with Wipro, Unisys, and Satyam.

The idea was born from one of our co-founders Rakesh want to rent a place for 2-3 months to stay closer to his under construction house to oversee the final finishes, but he realized how difficult it was to get a place for such short term. By that series of such instances sparked an idea resulting in this dream enterprise. We initially started with cataloging unsold apartments, ready-to-occupy independent homes along with aggregating service apartments. While doing so, we witnessed a huge delta between rental space and serviced apartments which, according to us, fell under the same domain.

Especially for owners: It’s a completely hassle-free solution. Once you choose rentmystay to rent your flat you could hand over the keys to us and rent we will take care. Our owners have found their overall rent collection has gone up by 10 – 20% by renting to us. This is due to a reduction in no of vacant days as we can ensure a continuous supply of tenants. We have established our self as a brand amount the Tenants, our direct walk-ins, connects with corporate; references ensure we can generate ample demand for your flat be it in any rent range. By signing you tap into this demand and can find a tenant faster.

During initial days the challenge was to make owners understand that they can earn better revenues and it required persistence and patience. As said before it is an online platform that makes renting a place for a short duration to long duration hassle free. The process is as simple as checking into a hotel while providing the comforts of home. All our properties are at least 3 times bigger and 40% cheaper than a budget hotel. Presently we are operating across three major locations in India including Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad. Bangalore is the head office. And the process is as simple as checking into a hotel while providing the comforts of home .it is now becoming one of the most trusted home rental companies in Bangalore presently. As it started in 2014 to till they will be a lot of developments in the terms of property expand, bookings.


As of now, we are managing more than 1000 Flagship properties across 20 different locations in Bangalore. We also help local service apartments to list with us and are currently partnering with over 5000 properties including 1bhk, 2bhk and studio rooms across places. In Pune, we have more than 160 properties and in Hyderabad more than 120 properties are available.And we reached 10000+ bookings in a constant manner and we marked up to 70000+ night booked with a regular basis, totally we served 30000+ guests so far. Currently, we have a very dedicated team with 35 members. Currently, we are getting a good response from the customers. We are planning to extend our business to another two cities in coming days.

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