CHISELL: Your face is no longer only about genetics!

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Posted On : 04th, May 2020

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CHISELL: Your face is no longer only about genetics!

04th, May 2020    -    Startup Event

CHISELL is an action-oriented beauty brand for men. Our message is simple - Train Your Jaw and Look Better! This young and disruptive company is making a splash in the men's fashion and self-care industry by breaking beliefs about facial attractiveness. CHISELL is a pioneer of the jawline industry, with more than 11000 customers during the first year of operation in more than 100 countries. Efficiency, style, and comfort of use make CHISELL the desired tool for men's facial features development.

The main purpose of CHISELL is to break the widely held belief that facial attractiveness is determined purely by genetics. CHISELL strives to empower people to transform with a product that is efficient and comfortable. We aim to make chiseled jawlines accessible to everyone who desires it.

Surgery is expensive and it tampers with the natural harmony of the face. Moreover, it can potentially cause nerve damage and joint pain. CHISELL gives people a chance to be the master of their faces and with time and patience customize their faces in a natural way. 

CHISELL expansion in Asia and India

We are well aware of the growth in consumer spending in Asia. The recent rise of TikTok shows that Asia and India are not following but already leading the world in terms of user-generated content that correlates with the need for self-expression. We wish to serve people in these countries to our best abilities and we are going to do that by continuously improving our product and working tirelessly to provide the best customer experience. 

While there are many differences in the culture - we strongly believe that the underlying principles in any business are the same - people want a quality product, they want it delivered fast and they want quick, friendly and accurate answers to their questions. 

Our ability to serve Asian customers is not a question of "if?" - it is a question of " When?" and our answer is - ASAP! We aim to get a stronger, more tailored foothold in Asia, and especially in India and China, by the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021.

CHISELL actions toward Coronavirus 

Due to COVID-19 spread, we had to quickly adapt to allow working from home while keeping the cooperation alive. We have managed it partially by using Slack, but nothing can replace a good face-to-face ideation session. We will make it work – as we always have and always will, situations change but the team spirit shall not be broken

We changed some processes to allow people to work from home fully. We are also putting more attention to hygiene and care while handling products which is an absolute priority during this time

We see the opportunity in the acceleration of people getting used to shopping online. Physical retail will never disappear but never before has the world seen such a dramatic push to make people change their shopping habits. After the world returns to normal, I believe that the people who were reluctant to shop online will have had a taste and some of them will never go back to the perils of trying to find what they need in their local store. They will come online... and we will be providing them with a service which is hard to match! At this time we will already start approaching the Asian market.

CHISELL as the frontrunner of the jawline industry

We strive to change the status quo and make jaw training and face development as common of a routine as doing biceps curls or squats. It should be common knowledge that natural face transformation is possible and it doesn’t require anything other than a bit of patience and conscious effort. We exist to support and guide the people who want to make their faces look more attractive. 

We are leading the jawline industry forward as one of the early pioneers, so that anyone who desires, can have their dream appearance

The world needs to know that a face is not determined by DNA, but it is DIY!

Website: CHISELL

Facebook: CHISELL

Instagram: CHISELL



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