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Posted On : 25th, September 2017

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Health care


25th, September 2017    -    Health care

Health is wealth, this may sound cliché but it is the ever accepted truth. What is life without proper health? The ultimate purpose of all the works that we do is to attain a happy lifestyle and a healthy life. To second this statement, we have an exceptional startup with the name GeneCorp. GeneCorp can be said as the best thing since sliced bread. It is a Mumbai based startup.

Instead of beating around the bush, let us get into the details.

The people behind the screen:

GeneCorp popped out of the idea box of the trio Mr.Anand, Mr.Amit and Mr.Sandip. With phenomenal degrees like M.B.A from IIM (Anand), from NMIMS (Amit) and computer science from NIT (Sandip), they have what it takes to be entrepreneurs. Quoting Albert Camus here “You can’t create Experience. You must undergo it.” The dynamic trio had their sheer amount of experience by working in ICICI bank, Yes Bank to name a few.

These three people are so modest and down to earth. Setting up GeneCorp was not a bed of roses. They have faced a lot of failures but never gave up. They learned from their mistakes and climbed up the ladder with a ray of hope and a sense of confidence. When people were sulking about their jobs, the trio supported each other and yes, every cloud has a silver lining

The Beginning:

In their words “GeneCorp is a child of coincidences crossing paths.” Initially, they ventured into fitness and wellness with a software platform called Club Yantra. It was then, they realized that there is a need to bridge the huge gap between what the gym experts and nutritionists recommend to the people and what they actually need. A scientific premise is needed, to come to a conclusion of what has to be eaten and how one should exercise. This is what GeneCorp exactly does.

It involved a lot of groundwork where Mr.Amit and Mr.Anand, though two different people but their way of living was the same. They used to eat similar food, had the same routine and the result was mind-boggling. Anand had lost weight and on the contrary, Amit had put on weight. This made the curious minds more curious which led them to the word Genes. They approached their alma mater. Dr.Meena Galliara at NMIMS connected them to the Dean at the NM school of pharmacy. Along with this they even took the guidance from IIT Bombay.

Gene Corp was started to provide a preventive health care in place of curing the disease after it attacks us, the humans. In a country like India where the rate of heart attacks and diabetic people is at its peaks, Gene Corp is a perfect solution. For proof of concept, an experiment was done on friends and family and a positive feedback from them boosted their confidence. Gene Corp is the only product that makes nutrigenomics available to your phone. The interesting thing about Gene Corp is, all the three people involved mainly are not from the background of healthcare but their consistent effort and research in this field made them what they are today.

Nutrigenomics-An Insight:

It is the study where we get to know the effects of foods and food constituents on Genes. It is the result of the sum of Nutrition and Genomics. For instance, consumption of red meat in hefty amount would lead to colorectal cancer. This is related to gene-diet interaction in the human body.

Genes hold the information to many of the unanswered questions about humans. The Human Genome project helped the trio get to know about more than twenty thousand genes that are responsible for the existence of an individual. After we, the humans found out astonishing facts about how we are made, a new era has formed which led to the beginning of GeneCorp.

A new concept of biological markers came into limelight which will help us in knowing the vulnerabilities to a particular disease based on the presence or absence of biological markers. To be more specific, if you are Pre-diabetic, here at Gene Corp they identify the genes responsible for it and suggest you the food which will try and change the gene expression.

“If food can be your medicine. Why eat medicine?” is the foundation point to GeneCorp. Taking in, the right food depending on genes of the individual will decrease the probability of diseases. The target audience is everyone who believes in “prevention is better than cure.”


Genetically, we are almost the same but with few baseline changes at particular positions called as the Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP).Genes are not just the controlling factors, the interaction with the environment also matters. As we have the power to make changes in our environment, we, therefore, can make changes in the phenotype (the way we exist).

A sample of saliva is collected from the person at home or any preferred place, which is later analyzed to provide a detailed report about how the DNA affects health risk, nutrition absorption, and drug response. In case of people with a family history of cancer, this test will provide you information with the possibility of inherited cancer (if any). A risk score is given to heart disease, high cholesterol, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, obesity, and strokes. By knowing the risk score, preventive measures are taken on the suggestion. An evidence-based approach is used which involves highest caliber studies with statistical power.

Genes are selected based on parameters like:

  • The ethnicity of the population under research: As the genetics and geographical locations have a close relation, Gene Corp’s portfolio concentrates mainly on genes related to India/Asia.
  • ·Size of the population under research: Genes validated for more than 2000 samples are generally preferred

Every individual is treated differently according to their genes and requirements. There is no standard template as one person is not the same as the other. Around three hundred genes are checked and then a plan is fabricated suiting the individuals’ lifestyle, fitness regime, and genetic makeup. Counseling and follow-ups are a part of the process. 

“Genetics definitely loads the gun but it is your diet and lifestyle that pulls the trigger”


Trust is the key. In order to gain the trust they have the following accreditations:

  • NABL Accredited
  • ISO Certified - for quality
  • ISO Certified - for reporting
  • International standards compliant

Market Mantra:

They organize seminars and talks in collaboration with corporate, lifestyle clubs, hospitals and also schools to make children know the importance of this right from their early stages of life. In this dog-eat-dog world, it is very difficult to sustain but we all stand a chance as the platform is cosmic. Gene Corp is a far cry from others as for them healthcare is not just science. They have a users perspective and their corrective measures are simple to understand which uses intuitive technology. 

Target down the line:

GeneCorp not only allows the doctors to suggest the preventive measures but also the patient can know what exactly he or she needs to do. There are 75+ clients till now with revenue crossing INR 8 lakhs. The test prices vary from INR 7k to INR 25k which is affordable by most people. With people becoming more and more health conscious the clients would soon increase to a better number.

Website: GeneCorp

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