These start-ups are focusing on the creating, innovating and producing of all natural sanitary napkins.

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Posted On : 25th, April 2018

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Social enterprise

These start-ups are focusing on the creating, innovating and producing of all natural sanitary napkins.

25th, April 2018    -    Social enterprise

Hygiene is a very vital part of life. In India there is a majority of people that belong in the rural districts and part of the rural society is sometimes synonymous with old traditions, taboo, superstitions and other things that block or stop the people to move on and be better versions of them. There are a lot of diseases that are spread when proper hygiene is not maintained but even though it is obvious many rural people still choose to be unhygienic. Women still use unhygienic and unsafe methods during their periods. This may be due to the fact that rural women believe it is not polite or it’s embarrassing to talk about. But thanks to awareness programmes and changing mindsets we can see a shift in the use of more medically approved methods. India being the home of Ayurveda and Homeopathy there is nothing surprising that there are several startups focusing on the production of cost-efficient and natural products.

1.     Carmesi

Business school graduate from New Delhi started a new startup in 2016, not just with an aim of finding a solution to the problems faced by the women but also deliver it to their homes. The start-up established by Tanvi Johri provides sanitary napkins made from cornstarch and bamboo fiber launched in January 2018.

One of the unique features of this startup is that it provides delivery to their home based on the subscription made by the customer and this start up’s customer base is increasing monthly at a 30%

Tanvi Johri started this startup with the intention of providing natural sanitary napkins unlike to those branded sanitary napkin which is made up of plastic and chemicals which causes infection, heart disease, ovarian and cervical cancer etc.


2.     Saathi

Kristin Kagetsu, Tarun Bothra, Amrita Saigal, and Grace Kane, who were graduates from MIT and Harvard, came together and founded Saathi with the aim of increasing women’s access to sanitary pads in India. They were passionate about making a product which impacts women and sustainable product design. They want to develop a bio-degradable sanitary pad made from natural resources which help the women from skin free irritation.

3.     Jayaashree Industries

A social entrepreneur from South India made a low-cost sanitary pad focusing on the rural areas where the women from low-income groups were able to afford to buy sanitary pads.

Mr.Arunachalam Muruganantham wanted to help the women’s by providing them low cost sanitary napkins. He also wanted to make India as 100% sanitary napkins using country and he wants to generate employment for one million women.

 Through this startup, he offered livelihood, hygiene, dignity, and empowerment to women all over the world.

This startup believes in the model “small is beautiful” which focuses more on local production and thereby solves the problem of high transportation cost.

4.     Anandi pads – Aakar innovations

This startup was started as a college project and later it was registered in August 2011. He went on a month-long study in Afghanistan with Agha Khan Foundation where he got to know the challenges of disposal which were the biggest challenge for women’s using sanitary napkins.

Due to the odd mindset of the communities about the menstruation, the women find it difficult to dispose of their sanitary napkins so they came up with the natural made sanitary pads which are easily decomposed. 

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