This startup from West Bengal region marking their presence in content marketing.

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Posted On : 15th, August 2017

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This startup from West Bengal region marking their presence in content marketing.

15th, August 2017    -    Startup

Papyrofix Pvt Ltd started with a mission to infuse fresh fervor in the already upcoming field of publishing technology and services. This visualization has therefore led to sincere efforts towards delivery of services they offer such as content development, proofreading and editing, website design and development, and instructional design. Headquartered at Kolkata, Papyrofix Pvt Ltd is the brainchild of its founders Shounak Pal, Prantik Mukherjee, Pritish Ranjan and Shubham Bajpai.

Initial journey

This entrepreneurial journey started in winter’16 driven by the passion and professional experience in the field of document creation of its founders. Having understood the problems faced by students nowadays regarding their thesis and its editing, the idea of Papyrofix was born. Since ‘Papyro’ means paper in Greek, Papyrofix ended up being the most appropriate title for this venture. 

Paypyrofix is a bootstrap company. They approached neither organization nor investor for funding. Instead, they started with a minor investment of 50k rupees from their own pockets to setup the website, register the company, and other legal documentations. Promoting themselves via social media and developed the company block by block by satisfying their clients.

Growth of the company

With a short period of existence of 5 months, the scale and speed of Payrofix’s rise has been limited due to absence of funding from investors. Yet, they have achieved a growth of 300 percent since their inception. Their in-house experts are currently serving their clients in order to increase the company funds for effective utilization towards further growth and expansion. With a bunch of impressed clients, a steady source of revenue has been established. For further growth, Papyrofix has been recruiting as many writers as possible to bag bigger consignments. In addition to these, Papyrofix is planning to expand its area of expertise and services with plans to launch Data analytics, and app and software developments.


A Canadian startup has already approached them to manage its official website. Till date, Papyrofix has been serving 20 clients from across the globe including Singapore, China, UK, USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and India. With a view to expand the startup in the coming months, Papyrofix is also planning to include a viral content platform with an intention to invite huge traffic.


Market strategies

Papyrofix plans to take on market competition on the basis of exceptional quality of work frugal business models. The quality of work that they already provide long with the experience of their writers gives them an added advantage. Also, their affordable prices tend to attract customers more often.

Business challenges and future plans

Their very first challenge was visibility. To become visible to relevant clients, social media came to their rescue. An exhaustive social media promotion landed them with right customers. In addition to these, Papyrofix has come across funding issues. Although the investment wasn’t huge, every core member had to invest quite a lot to meet the basic requirements. Currently, Papyrofix has a steady inflow of revenue from their constant clients and they hope to maintain this momentum.


In order to expand their business, Papyrofix is seeking to establish a solid base of regular customers for content writing/ management. With the revenues earned according. Papyrofix intends to foray into newer waters and fetch a wide repertoire of clients.

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