100x VC announce its first 20 start-ups portfolio for the year 2019

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Posted On : 11th, December 2019

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100x VC announce its first 20 start-ups portfolio for the year 2019

11th, December 2019    -    News

The Indian Startup ecosystem is booming and it is evident that many Global and Indian VCs are betting on the Indian Startup. 100X VC is one of the new entrant backed by some well-known personalities in the startup ecosystem. 100X VC is backed by Sanjay Mehta, Yagnesh Sanghrajka, Shashank Randev, Vatsal Kanakiya planning to invest in over 100 startups. They have already received more than 1900 application and they have made their official announcement on funding on selected ventures.

They claim that it has a good mix of tech startups which includes Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), healthcare, consumer tech, agritech, automotive, blockchain, edtech, governance, and fintech startups among many others.

The first 20 startups are as follows:

• Dhiyo.ai: An HRTech platform, Dhiyo.ai relies on multilingual conversational AI-powered technology to employ the blue-collar workforce.

• Pickright: A fintech platform that connects investors and financial analysts for financial advisory services.

• Decadenz: This startup works in the consumer goods sector that creates chocolate-based products. 

• Litifer: The information technology and services startup develop artificial technology (AI)-powered voice interactive toys for 4-10-year-old children.

• Finline: It is an online platform for entrepreneurs to create a “project report” for its business unit to facilitate fundraising and bank loan approvals. 

• Cymour: A bicycle-sharing platform, Cymour provides cycles for gated communities and events. 

• SNUG: This is a business network platform that allows users to meet talent experts around the area.

• AgriGator: Being a digital platform, AgriGator connects traders, processors, and wholesalers. 

• DOC32: This dental care startup that leverages technology to connect customers to dentists and clinics. 

• Road Metrics: This startup provides a way to monitor road conditions in real-time and navigates users to the most time-saving and safe route possible. 

• Reko Social: Reko Social provides an influencer marketing platform that pays users based on the content they share. 

• Foodmonk: A food tech startup, Foodmonk provides end-to-end solutions for cafeteria management to corporates and institutions.

• Data Sutram: This AI-enabled platform gathers intel from external data to provide location-based data intelligence. 

• Karnival: Karnival is a sales and marketing platform that provides personalized invoices for companies, specifically brick and mortar retailers.

• Bueno Finance: This is a fintech startup that helps blue-collar workers build their creditworthiness to improve the long-term financial health of the customers. 

• Knorish: Knorish is an edtech startup that allows users to create courses, market and monetise an online academy for branded digital coursework. 

• Pocketly: Pocketly is a microlending platform that focusses on college students and builds a financial ecosystem around them. 

• Alluzo: Alluzo is a digital multilingual receipt book that helps small businesses generate and send digital invoices. 

• FnV Farms: A grocery delivery service, FnV Farms provides fruits and vegetables directly sourced from the farm avoiding adulteration.


100X VC rely on India Safe notes or iSAFE notes (India Simple Agreement for Future Equity). It is an alternative to a convertible note for investments, which takes time and thorough checking, Whereas, India Safe notes allows an investor to make cash investments in return for a convertible instrument that allows an investor to buy shares in a future priced round.

iSafe open-source platform where any investors who are interested to invest in startup can use it. iSafe will help Startups to issues the iSafe notes to the investors which are convertible in nature and it protects the interest and it creates a hassle-free process for both the parties.   



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