Now use AI to find your perfect life partner.

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Posted On : 23rd, May 2017

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Tech Startup

Now use AI to find your perfect life partner.

23rd, May 2017    -    Tech Startup

About Banihal,

Incorporated in 2014, Banihal Inc is based out of Cupertino, CA this is nothing like any of the matchmaking sites you have ever seen. Banihal uses precise algorithms derived through neuroscience research and advanced search technology to cater the need of individuals of varied professions to find their soul mate. Often the profiles of marriageable men and women on social sites is so superficial to even believe that the people tend to stick to the age old traditions of introductions through friends and family leaving them with little to choose from. Banihal aims to support the liberated Indian’s endeavour to override traditional methods of finding a life partner and helps them define exactly whom they’d like to spend their lives with. The detailed study and research involve the level of understanding, reasoning, interpretation of a situation and emotional balance which is assessed by an artificial intelligence named RaeRae creates a rich understanding of each individual and identifies the matches that are closest to the perfect match so that we have two super excited individuals when they meet in real life.

A software engineer by profession Ishdeep, who’s career started at Cisco Systems and later joined Microsoft after which he worked at Apple on the first iPad, here he realised he had the requisite skills to be a potential entrepreneur and he came up with the idea when he himself was in search for the perfect match. Just one questioned lingered through his brain for a few days “Will I really meet the right person?”.A question that haunts millions of people across the globe today. To Ishdeep this led to reimagining how people search for the right person, he turned to neuroscience to learn about how people make decisions. To help improve his chances of finding that kind of intuitively aligned partner, he created a series of questions to ask potential spouses, each designed to identify shared values between them.

Business Model

Life is complex and even so, is making the right decisions.Mutual understanding and trust are the primary demand of a happy couple.Here the users need to fill up a profile including the complete description of the person the are, based on which Banihal recommends them the best match.A secure communication is followed which preserves the privacy of the users like their email or phone numbers.The highly developed search engine of Banihal bounces five best match profiles to the users.

Banihal has received its seed funding from Dr David Cheriton, the billionaire Computer Science Prof. from Stanford University who wrote the first check for Google as well.

Contributions Made to Individuals

Ishdeep firmly believes that starting Banihal has helped a lot of people unearth their best options when it comes to choosing a life long partner.The pain of being alone with none to confide into in an urban or metropolitan city can indeed be depressing. Hence Banihal has proved to be an essential social contribution which has led modern Indians in finding their perfect half to complete the emptiness in one’s life.

Future Vision

To establish Banihal as the undisputed top matchmaking service in India, that helps more than 10% of India’s population. In addition to this Ishdeep is also working on generating an artificial intelligence which helps couples improve their relationships and assist them in conjugal life

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