Important leadership lessons for new and going-to-be entrepreneurs

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Posted On : 08th, January 2019

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Startup community

Important leadership lessons for new and going-to-be entrepreneurs

08th, January 2019    -    Startup community

The tag of “Entrepreneur” brings lot of responsibilities because now, not only your own but you have other’s responsibility too. Leader’s job is not only to see and direct the work of people under him but he has a lot to manage.

Here is the list of responsibilities leaders have:

  • Give your employees a motivation: Never let the motivation die. Motivation gets one going and it is the leader’s job to give his employees a right motivation. If the staff stays motivated their performance will also stay high which will ultimately benefit company and its production. Now, the question arise how to do this? Well, it is not that difficult. Motivation can be given in the form of recognition, perks, or promotion. After successful completion of a project don’t forget to praise the teams involved and if possible give them gifts. This will motivate them to work better in their next project and also passive employees will come forward to take the charge. You can use any innovative way for motivating them if you think the idea will work.

  • Always have a backup plan: Remember, you are the leader and nothing should go wrong in your command. At times, things do not go like they were planned so always have a backup plan. Plan B can save you and your team from uncalled troubles. Always discuss your plan you made with your team and ask for their opinion so that they can also contribute. This will have two benefits:
  1. You may get better suggestions which will make your plan much better.
  2. Your team will think their opinions are important to you. So, they will also respect your decisions and opinions. This creates a sense of better understanding.

  • Respect your juniors: Respect is a two-way process. You will get respect if you give respect. Remember, your staff is working for your company; they are not your slave. So, you should mind the tone you use while conversing with them. If you treat them well they will also listen to you.

  • Take opinions: It is always considered good to discuss plans with the people working with you. Never think you have an error-free plan. If you do not want to add anything new then at least listen other people. You never know when you will get something mind-blowing. This is the reason why every big company asks its employees to come up with their feedback.

  • To be happy keep your employees happy: Every employee is company’s primary customer. If you can’t keep your employees happy, how would you be able to have happy customers? Business stays healthy until the people behind it are happy. If your employees are unhappy in working with you then soon your business will die. Being a leader it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees are happy.

These are some of the responsibilities of a leader to ensure the healthy working of the company. So, stay motivated, stay passionate and mark your name in the business world.

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