How to name your Business?

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Posted On : 11th, August 2017

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Startup community

How to name your Business?

11th, August 2017    -    Startup community

The rise of constant connectivity and social media has changed how we work, relate to each other, shop, and have fun. No wonder it's also changing how companies should -- and should not -- be named.

The technology made it possible to companies to connect with their consumers and have regular conversation. Experts says that "choosing the name of a company or product is becoming increasingly more critical," because "a company's name is usually also its web address," the piece explores the impact of all the new ways customers are connecting with companies.

Have short domain name: 

These days your business name is also often your URL. For this reason, seriously consider keeping it short. The research shows that domain names of seven characters or less, excluding the or other suffix, tended to yield higher traffic. Visitors to a website would decrease by seven percent if the domain name was expanded to 10 characters.

Catchy name have its own pros and cons:

The importance of domain names leads many companies to settle on something short and memorable, even if that means the name is a made-up word (think Spotify) or something thoroughly unrelated to the business (you can't tell just by looking that Amazon sells books rather than South American holidays). Going this route has advantages and disadvantages.

As stated above, a punchy URL can be incredibly valuable, but only if your customers already recognize your company, and getting to that stage can be expensive. "Like Uber and Amazon, companies like these have to spend a lot of money to let people know what they stand for. 

The best solution -- though often the most difficult one -- is to find a name that's both memorable and explanatory, like 

Make sure it’s easy to pronounce:

With the rise of voice-controlled digital assistants like Siri, having an easy to pronounce name is more important than ever. "It is becoming imperative that the name of a company sounds exactly how consumers would pronounce it," notes the article.

Consider tiny screens:

How easy is it for someone to recognize your company's name on a smartphone screen? Part of the answer comes down to design elements like font but partly this is also dependent on the name you choose and how it's spelled. "The trend in mobile is to look at the screen quickly and, so, you'll want [consumers] to be able to process things quickly. It's called perceptual fluency

Don't get too hung up on your name:

Is a name important? Absolutely. But it's still less important than providing a great product, particularly for younger customers. "Millennials don't care about names or logos. It's all about the experience

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