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Posted On : 12th, April 2018

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Health care


12th, April 2018    -    Health care

Immunotherapy with Dendritic cells is a combination therapy that helps body’s own defences fight cancer cells introduced by LDG India in Country

Heterogeneous mix of confidence, innovation, self-discipline and determination is what best describes the young and dynamic entrepreneur Mr. Tapesh Singhal. Without being handed a business or a trust fund, but out of his sheer experience, Tapesh is striving to taken this medical facility across the length and breadth of the country starting Delhi/ NCR and north India.


With his consistent effort, within 1.5 years full technology will be transferred and be available for all patients in the country. There are effective implementations of the therapy with LANEX-DC. This has been bought in the country by LDG INDIA.


LDG India is new start up venture which has taken an audacious move with a deep desire to help the cancer patients across the country. Under his business acumen, LDG India has collaborated with world acclaimed medical facility of Dr. Frank Gansuage in Germany.


The facility provides a special type of vaccination, required to treat any type of cancer (except-blood cancer), at any stage. It is basically a unique vaccination made from patient’s blood and infused in the body to boost their immunity and help in curing the disease naturally. It is a combination therapy as the patient can take the vaccination while taking chemotherapy, it will averse the side effects and help a patient live a routine life.

As indicated above there are other similar medical facilities already available in India that have been in use for a few years and which gives vaccination in 6 cycles. But at LDG INDIA clinic the same treatment is done in only 1 cycle and the treatment is like injecting immunity medicine into the body.


The results are astounding and encouraging. It utilizes better technology, technique and scientists. Cancer patients who have used this therapy as compared to those who undergone the previous and other versions of Immunotherapy, there has been an increase in quality of life, helped in prolonging the life span, controlling and abolition of symptoms by facilitating them live a routine life.


Also for most types of cancer there exist standard treatments which have been developed over decades. It is recommended to make use of these treatments and supplement them with immune therapy, since it is known that tumour cells damaged by chemotherapy or radiation are much easier to destroy with immune cells than undamaged tumour cells.

Treatment with dendritic cells is also often used when conventional therapies have not been successful.

In addition, treatment with dendritic cells is a gentle treatment in contrast to other forms of treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiation. Also compared to other forms of treatment, side effects only occur very rarely after vaccination with dendritic cells.

Starting anything new is extremely difficult when you don't have any ensure that it will be successful or not. To get into a business for a person from a service class family itself is a challenge as mind set and financials both are not in favour. Also, to assemble the dedicated initial team which is the prime requirement of any start-up company was the first choice.  A team, who shares same passion as me for cancer treatment was required with an ability to work relentlessly for stretched hours every day.

Although an entrepreneur, but a son First! Mr. Tapesh Singhal had a traumatic experience on discovering that his mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancers in April 2016. Doctors had given up. But he had not. He continued trying to find the best treatment for his mother. He came across Immunotherapy which proved to be very helpful and his mother actually got rid of 80% of the cancer. Although the concept is not new in the country but it remains foreign to the prevailing system due to lack of knowledge and feasibility both for the doctors and the cancer patients. Well, it was this personal experience that motivated him to create LDG India in 2017. He understands the despair and fear of losing your loved one. Extremely satisfied and convinced with the success rate of Immunotherapy and with an aspiration to serve the cancer patients in the country he thought of marching forward and bringing in medical innovation. Getting the initial team was challenging but we’ve accrued a team who shares the same passion and vision for Cancer Treatment. As of now I have collaborated with Dr Hari Goyal, senior Oncologist Artemis Hospital Gurgaon.

Tapesh is armed with a post graduate degree in Pharmaceutical from Long Island University, Brooklyn, New York. He has also been associated with Aurobindo Pharma and US Pharma lab as a research associate previously. He is planning to introduce Immunotherepay to the neighbouring countries and the subcontinent eventually


Website: LDG India

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