How this couple from Pune is going to revolutionize the energy distribution system

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Posted On : 15th, September 2020

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Startup Event

How this couple from Pune is going to revolutionize the energy distribution system

15th, September 2020    -    Startup Event

Distribution is the most important link in the entire power sector value chain. As the only interface between utilities and consumers, it is the cash register for the entire sector. Our team was able to contact the startup which is bringing the complete shift on the energy distribution system and creating easy access to the customer. The co-founders of Repos Aditi Bhosale Walunj & Chetan shared their journey with us. Here is the details

SJ: Please introduce yourself, your family background, and your startup?  

Repos: My name is Aditi Bhosale Walunj. Born and brought up in Pune, I come from an entrepreneurial family background. Currently, I'm the co-founder of Repos Energy - An organization that strives to develop the energy distribution system into a more robust version of what it is today.

 SJ:  How the idea Repos Energy born?  

 Repos:  Repos was born from a simple incident in my life. My husband Chetan (co-founder of Repos) and I had ordered something online and when it reached us, as usual, we got a notification that the order had been delivered. But for some reason, this time a realization struck me and Chetan. We thought to ourselves, why can't we deliver diesel? This simple question led our entrepreneurial spirits to buzz around until we concluded that we're going to revolutionize the energy distribution system.

 SJ: What is the value Repose Energy offers and can you tell us the cliental base?  

Repos: Repos is a brand that offers a solution to the age-old problems of the petroleum industry in India through doorstep diesel delivery. The cliental base for doorstep diesel delivery includes many different sectors like commercial vehicles, hotels, hospitals, societies, infrastructure building companies, and manufacturing industries.

 SJ:  Being a women entrepreneur how did you manage to bring change in the man dominant industry  

Repos: I never really saw who dominated what; least of all the gender. As an entrepreneur, I did what any other entrepreneur would do - Commit everything to an idea and do the best that you can.

  SJ: What are your initial challenges and how did you overcome  

Repos: Being young, the things I aspired to do were not taken seriously. To overcome this hurdle I realized that words were not enough. I had to put my words & thoughts into action and only then would the world around me start changing their perspective towards me.

  SJ:  Can you tell us about the Ecosystem you have created in your business?  

Repos: We are developing an ecosystem of doorstep diesel delivery to create a more efficient consumption chain of diesel. Part of this ecosystem includes an e-commerce platform for businesses that require diesel, suppliers, the creation of Fuel Startups, and a modern innovative IoT vehicle that enables doorstep diesel delivery.

 SJ:   What are the future plans of Repos?  

Repos:  At Repos, we have a saying - 'The future is now!'

The things that we do today will affect what tomorrow will be like. The actions you take now will determine what the future beholds.

So the future plans for Repos is to continue working towards building a more sustainable energy distribution channel that will boost India's economy; but of course, for it to be the future, we act now!

Your advice to entrepreneurs  

Do what is needed to be done. Commit a 1000% to your craft. If the thing that you're working towards really matters to you, you will find away.

website: Repos


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