Sexual Harassment- a beginning or an end to the injustice against women in workplaces?

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Posted On : 30th, May 2017

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Sexual Harassment- a beginning or an end to the injustice against women in workplaces?

30th, May 2017    -    Startup community

For those of you late to the party, here's a quick brief. An ex-employee of ScoopWhoop filed an FIR in delhi claiming that she was a victim of sexual harassment at the work-space there.She said in her complaints that she was subjected to inappropriate comments and remarks by the co-founder Mr.Suparn Pandey. She also mentioned the other two co-founders Sattvik Mishra and Sriparna Tikekar for carelessly ignoring her complaints, and also that the management publicly humiliated her after she complained.On the other hand,ScoopWhoop came out with an official statement against the allegations of sexual harassment and that the organisation works towards "ensuring a safe and secure workplace for all our employees and takes any complaints of harassment extremely seriously." As more and more such cases come to light, it becomes necessary that the community must wake up and address these issues seriously.

The boundary of work and personal life is dissolving. Men and women work close for long hours, chill out at bars together and it is no surprise that they may find themselves in a zone that is later difficult to navigate.Later, when true, or even false, allegations come up, all they get is mere negligence and humiliation rather than being looked into seriously.

Looking into the ScoopWhoop case, the women, who might have joined the company to pursue her dreams and support her family, have ended up losing both her job and her self respect. Meanwhile the company , even if they were actually guilty has lost the reputation they have been building in the past few years.No matter what the truth is, both the sides will be always criticized and seen through dragon eyes.

This is not the first time that women have come up with claims that they have been facing sexual harassment in their workplaces. Earlier in march, an anonymous blog post by a woman alleging sexual harassment to her by TVF founder Arunabh Kumar ,when she worked at TVF between 2014 and 2016 had gone viral on the social media.

Another case is of Mahesh Murthy, a "famous" venture capitalist. The level of indecency that Mahesh Murthy shows while having professional conversations with women entrepreneurs is sickening. He greets women with inappropriate phrases, which will make you uncomfortable.

In spite of these many women coming up to speak out, 70 percent of them keep it to themselves in the fear of loosing their bread-winning job. Its time that society should change and keep a barrier between personal life and work. Lets look at the phrases 'lady doctor', 'lady driver', 'lady lecturer', 'lady athlete'. Why is that 'lady' tag in them. When it comes to profession, all are professionals and not males or females. Its time that the world accepts this.

It is already the 21st century and we have no time to wait until the society changes for the "women-friendly" as in "Eco-friendly" workplaces. It is time that women take their own step forward and build empires of their own. That's when the startup world welcomes them. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. But it definitely is not impossible. No work pressure, no irritating boss, no unfriendly colleagues and no worry of being uncomfortable working with people you dont like. There are so many women entrepreneurs who have been winning over the news lately. The 'sit and home and work' also goes well with entrepreneurship. Motivated from real small ideas, many women proved to be even better than men in the entrepreneurship world. More and more women are building multi million-dollar startups, and venture firms like Forerunner Ventures, BBG Ventures, and Female Founders Fund, all focusing on female-founded companies. There are apparently a lot of mentors and supporters too to help budding entrepreneurs in their journey.It also becomes imperative that the startup community must wake up to welcome more women who want to save their self respect and at the same time, support their fathers and husbands in feeding the family.

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