StarWords India - The Story of their Rise

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Posted On : 17th, January 2018

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My journey

StarWords India - The Story of their Rise

17th, January 2018    -    My journey

Entrepreneurship is not there in the blood. It is acquired through patience, leadership skills, and hard work. Such was the thought of the young Shreya Dutta, the Founder & Creative Head of StarWords India when she had dreamt of setting up StarWords India for the first time.

How it All Started:

Shreya had also wanted to excel in her own way and bring out her creativity. Being a leader throughout her schooldays was perhaps the reason that made her dream of having her own firm. Thus, by the time she escalated the college staircase, she started saving up money so that she could start up.

Shreya had started off as a content writer. This helped her to make use of her exceptional writing skills to build a strong online presence. Over the years, ghostwriting had become a formidable part of her writing career and she desperately wanted to shriek out and reveal her true identity. She also knew that most of her fellow writers are going through the same problem. Thus, she decided to set up a firm where a writer would be given the credit he or she deserves for writing a unique piece.

As a content writer, she taught herself the disciplinary measures needed in order to set out as an entrepreneur. She learned the basics of SEO, Designing and Marketing as well. And, after having mastered the art of various forms of writing, both commercial and creative, Shreya stored enough money and started StarWords India in 2017.

How StarWords India Works:

StarWords India is a unique firm as only freelancers run the same. With 25 freelancers in the team, at present, StarWords India is already a 6-figure venture. Their services include as follows:

·        Content Writing

·        Editing

·        Graphic Designing

·        Web Designing

·        Web Development

·        PR

·        Publishing

What makes them unique is the way they add a personalized touch to every segment of work. From creative to commercial, they make it a point that their clients are always happy with their outstanding services.

They are not only a company that works for the sake of profit. They host contests and help fresh faces to become published authors free of cost. This is what has made them one of the most popular firms appreciated by all.

The Future Plans:

StarWords India has a dedicated team and they wish to emerge as one of the leading firms in the field of writing. Once they have achieved the reputation of being one of the best firms that deal in both commercial and creative writing, they want to expand as a digital marketing company. Apart from the commercial prospects, the team also dreams of getting as many writers published as possible. 

About the Founder:

Shreya Dutta is an engineer by qualification and a writer by profession and passion. She is the Founder & Creative Head of StarWords India and a published author. Her debut, “Dance in the Rain”, will be followed by many more heart-touching books. 

Website: StarWords

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