Entrepreneurs Who Created the Indian Online Poker Industry

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Posted On : 13th, August 2020

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Entrepreneurs Who Created the Indian Online Poker Industry

13th, August 2020    -    Startup

Online poker is a flourishing industry in India. Hundreds of thousands of people in the country are signed up for real money poker accounts. This being the case, it's hardly surprising that some of India's most impressive entrepreneurs have made their mark in the online poker industry.


The biggest names have brought games like Teen Patti and poker sites like Adda52.com to the Indian poker scene. Let's take a closer look at some of these top entrepreneurs.

Saurabh Aggarwal

Saurabh Aggarwal was born into a well-educated family. He went on to graduate from Stanford himself. Following his graduation, Aggarwal worked in networking equipment and spent the next 13 years getting entrepreneurial experience. This experience helped Aggarwal leap to the top of the gaming app market when he became the entrepreneur that founded the game Teen Patti one of the most popular app games in the country.

Varun Mahna

Varun Mahna is known for being one of the co-founders of Poker Dangal which was founded in 2017 and quickly grew to be one of the biggest poker platforms in India. Mahna first played poker while he was studying and began playing a lot of online pokers. This fascination with the game led to his involvement with Poker Dangal. The platform was the first to introduce five-card pot-limit Omaha in the country.

Mohit Agarwal

Mohit Agarwal is the CEO and co-founder of Adda52.com, the first poker website in India. His background was in technology as he gained a Btech in Electrical Engineering and Comp Science from IIT Delhi and an MS from the University of California, Berkeley. Agarwal always wanted to develop the online presence of skill-based games like poker. He succeeded in doing so with the creation of Adda52.com. The poker site has become one of the most popular in India.

Vinod Manoharan

Vinod Manohara is a Tamil Nadu native who comes from a traditional family. After growing up in this environment, Manoharan went on to gain an MBA. By the time he graduated, Manoharan had already started on his first entrepreneurial venture in the world of digital media. He is an expert in the area and has gone on to put his experience to use in the world of digital poker. One of Manohara's biggest attributes is his willingness to learn from others, and use this learning to his advantage. He is also extremely competitive, as are the most successful entrepreneurs.

Plenty of room for new poker enthusiasts

The world of online poker seems likely to remain a bright one, in India. The formation of leagues like the Match Indian Poker League, and the creation of awards like the India Poker Awards, help to maintain the popularity of the industry in the country.


This means that there is plenty of room for poker enthusiasts and technology innovators to create more first-rate Indian poker start-ups and follow in the footsteps of big names like Saurabh Aggarwal, Varun Mahna, Vinod Manoharan, and Mohit Agarwal. 


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