Mentopreneurs, the platform for the startups to get connect with right mentor.

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Posted On : 18th, September 2017

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Startup community

Mentopreneurs, the platform for the startups to get connect with right mentor.

18th, September 2017    -    Startup community

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself; a mentor is someone who allows you to see the higher part of yourself when sometimes it becomes hidden to your own view.”- Oprah Winfrey

For Startups, one of the main challenges lies with acquiring handpicked and trusted mentors with right experience. It is often seen that in spite of a strong idea, Startups tend to fail. The solution? A combination of verified guidance and right execution strategies can be fruitful and turn the table for such a startup. This is where Mentorpreneurs comes into picture.

Mentorpreneurs is a Mumbai-based organization that brings together experienced professionals with diverse expertise to mentor young and growing ventures to find their rightful place in the global business, often by taking on significant accountability for immanent risks and the outcome of such ventures. 

Shraddha Patil - Founder of Mentorpreneurs has been actively helping Startups connect with genuine mentors for past 3 years.

Mentorpreneurs has revamped itself over the years to become a platform where Startups not only connect with the right mentors but also with corporates, incubators and accelerators. It serves as a holistic value proposition helping Startups get the right networks. Closely working with various incubators and accelerators, Mentorpreneurs is helping them with running their annual calendars, getting the best mentors to their premises and have also been coordinating on programs with them.

Mentorpreneurs has also been setting up various initiatives. The Nurture series educates entrepreneurs in different services, and the Mentor Hour facilitates a startup to exclusively book a mentor for half hour for their guidance. One initiative which has been a great success is PitchCamp - a 3 weeks program to help Startups attend sessions, get mentored and also pitch to potential investors plus corporates. 

A One Stop Solution 

While working on her previous venture, Mrs.Shraddha Patil received lots of requests for mentoring when the entrepreneurs came up with challenges. Being a marketing expert, she could solve the queries based on her domain. She realised that only one person cannot mentor the entrepreneurs, but an expert from every discipline is necessary. Thus originated the idea to establish a platform where all trusted experts could come together to add values to the queries put forward.

Mentoring is Not Something to be done over a Cup of Coffee

Startups have more than often looked upon mentoring as a free service. Convincing them otherwise and making them understand that mentoring is a serious and successive process which would require dedicated training and progress tracking of about 6 months has been a challenge. The basic idea nowadays that a mentor should assist the startup in main funding is a fallacious idea, says Mrs.Shraddha Patil.  

Monitoring Interactions and Progress

Mentorpreneurs aims at closely overseeing the startup throughout its 6 month journey with them. With over 200 trusted and verified mentors, every startup gets an opportunity to interact with the industry experts as per their requirements. Peer-to-peer mentoring is encouraged within the batch. The mentoring interactions and progress of every startup during their tenure is measured and monitored by set processes. With assisting over 20 Startups already, Mentorpreneurs focuses to educate more and more.

Fuelling Woman Empowerment

To boost women entrepreneurship and bring them to the mainstream, Shraddha Patil has been has been successfully organising the event Woman Power for the past two years. The number of women is very less compared to that of men in the field of entrepreneurship and even educated women end up not utilizing their potential to the fullest, says Mrs. Shraddha Patil. To revise this, Mentorpreneurs set up this platform bringing forward more role models for other women to look up to and help many more women to live their dreams. Moving forward, they plan to launch a platform called Naari - The Incredible Her for women.

Women need to plan their journey

Being a woman in the field of entrepreneurship can be challenging with having to juggle and maintain a balance between work and family. There are lots of doubts raised about you that you will need to overcome. To tackle this, Women need to be strong-headed and have exceptional networking skills, explains Mrs.Shraddha Patil. Women need to define their journey and work towards it. A severely strict plan would result in overloading oneself and would eventually backfire instead, hence don’t push yourself either. Always believe in yourself.

Website: Mentorpreneurs

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