This budding women entrepreneur making her mark in web security domain.

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Posted On : 04th, June 2017

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Tech Startup

This budding women entrepreneur making her mark in web security domain.

04th, June 2017    -    Tech Startup

Pragti’s entrepreneurial journey 

Everyday, we would hear about some company or other being hacked. The bigger companies were suffering millions of dollars losses, while the smaller companies were simply closing down. We were working on some really advanced security tools in the final year of college during the internship in cyber security – and I asked myself, what if we applied this technology to defend against such attacks? The idea was so compelling that I left my campus placement and started my company, Digital Self Defense Infosec. We have set out to provide very advanced, adaptive security that recognises and evolves quickly with changing attacker techniques. We have a stellar team, a mix of young energy ready to take on the world and veterans from IT industry bringing in their expertise.

It is very rare to see women in web security domain, what is your experience?

Yes, this is true. There are very fewer women in security. Sometimes in infosec events or conferences, I find myself to be the only lady in the group. But the good news is that as people are becoming more sensitive towards the issue they are making conscious efforts to change the scenario. Fortunately, the infosec groups, that I am a part of, I have always been treated with respect and given equal opportunities. I would encourage more and more women to consider Infosec as their career.

Can you elaborate on ActiFend.

Future plans ActiFend is a modern, powerful website security solution. It is an advanced cloud-based security analytics engine paired with a unique mobile app that serves as the security dashboard for your website. This is what our product ActiFend provides: –

  • 24X7 monitoring
  • Advanced analytics to detect attacks and breaches
  • Rapid response capabilities

All this is wrapped into one security SAAS. The Mobile App makes it most convenient to manage and respond to security incidents quickly.

Your advice to women entrepreneur.

This has been an amazing journey so far. While I do face minor issues once in a while as a young woman entrepreneur, but I have not faced any major problems because I have a strong support system of my friends, family and mentors backing me up all the time. As an entrepreneur, each day is a new challenge. But at any point in this journey, when you look back, it gives immense satisfaction to see how you grow as a person along the way.

To all women entrepreneurs out there, do not be intimidated by the challenges, let the fire inside you glow brightly and light your path to guide you through this journey. Ladies, more power to you! 

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