This Space Startup has clients like NASA , Google in Space marketplace.

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Posted On : 16th, November 2017

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Startup Event

This Space Startup has clients like NASA , Google in Space marketplace.

16th, November 2017    -    Startup Event

Who thought the idea of India’s first “Space Start-up” would come about over coffee. Apparently it did. The brains behind the idea is none other than Dr. Sushmita Mohanty. She co-founded Earth2Orbit along with Mr. Amaresh Kollipara over coffee at ‘The Grove’ on Fillmore Street in San Francisco.

Currently tackling Climate Change using outer space as resource, her venture Earth2Orbit has come a long way, ever since it initiated way back in 2008. It wasn’t the first of her ventures, Dr. Sushmita had already achieved a lot before the idea of Earth2Orbit even struck her.

Dr. Mohanty started her first venture ‘MoonFront’ in 2001, which is an aerospace consulting firm based in San Francisco(USA). In 2004, she co-founded ‘LIQUIFER’, which is an aerospace architecture and design firm based in Vienna(Austria).

She also worked in business development for the International Space Station at Boeing in California and not just that but she also worked on Shuttle-Mir missions at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, before turning into an entrepreneur.

She has an excellent work experience with the Americans, Japanese, Europeans, Russians and Indians in various capacities as, employee, consultant, contractor, entrepreneur and advisor. She holds multiple degrees, was elected to the Paris based International Academy of Astronautics(IAA) as one of its youngest members and she also served as a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics(AIAA). 


Above stated are some glimpses of her achievements, yet she stopped at nothing and founded India’s own Space Start-up, EARTH2ORBIT.

EARTH2ORBIT(E2O) is a service based private Space Start-up whose goal is to offer:

●    Launch Advisory Services and Hardware.

The company offers products and services to aid satellite launches or other space exploration missions. Services such as launch services, satellite fabrication, ground station services, human space systems etc. and other necessary services and hardware for a successful mission and exploration.

●    Remote Sensing Value-Added Products.

-Digital Elevation Model(DEM) Generation.

-Digital Terrain Model(DTM) Generation

-Contour Generation

-2D & 3D Mapping

-Urban Modelling

A few of many VAPs provided by the E2O.


This is a program set up by the E2O whose vision is to make our planet safer, prosperous and more sustainable by uncovering patterns, correlations and provide insights into economic indicators, market trends, macro-level changes and customer behaviour. 

GeoIntel works on Deep Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence which observes, asses and evaluate the information through various VAPs and a Satellite fleet which provides the remote sensing data.

GeoIntel vast applications include Agriculture, Insurance, Cities, Climate change, Financial services, Shipping, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Forestry, Aviation and Retails. 

Eventually, leading India’s foray into the global space marketplace making India a global player and capture a significant chunk of the 300+ billion dollar annual space business.

E2O also bagged Dr. Sushmita “25 Indians to Watch” in the Financial Times list.

E2O played a crucial role in enabling the first commercial American micro-satellite onboard the PSLV. The client was Google Terra Bella from California and the payload was a sub-meter resolution imaging satellite called SkySat-3..

It currently operates at:

●    Bangalore

●    Osaka

●    San Francisco

●    Vienna

Dr. Mohanty continued to make her venture successful by joining hands with biggest companies around the world, which offered the best business, analytics and technical advancement to Earth2Orbit

German Orbital System(GOS)

GOS is a provider of a wide range of space related products and services based in Berlin. The company participates in multiple satellites projects, develops electronics for launch vehicles and is involved in separation system development. GOS is one of the few companies which can provide turnkey microsatellite missions. 


Genesys is an advanced Mapping, Survey and Geospatial Services firm with offices in Mumbai and Bangalore. As a single-source provider of Geospatial and IT solutions, Genesys offers a full line of Photogrammetry, LiDAR, Survey and Remote Sensing services and solutions.

Data Center and Analytics Lab(DCAL-IIMB)

It has been set up to support interdisciplinary empirical research using data on primarily Indian and other emerging markets. DCAL helps firm to create innovative business solutions in the area of predictive analytics, operation and supply chain analytics, retail analytics, healthcare analytics, sports analytics and finance analytics with a vision to become a world-renowned Center of Excellence in Business Analytics and Intelligence(BAI).


All these companies play a pivotal role in the functioning of E2O, from technical to analytical aspect. There are some more companies which are an important part of E2O alliance; Firefly Aerospace, Taneja Aerospace and the Dhruva Space. They provide services such as Small Satellite development solutions, Simulations, Manufacturing Trainer Aircraft and many other such crucial aid.


Earth2Orbit has no intentions to limit itself just to services or consultation. Dr. Mohanty has a much broader vision not just to help our country but to provide aid and advancement to the whole world.

To participate in the 300+ billion dollar global space economy, India must adopt an extroverted space policy, promote related exports and empower Indian companies to reach beyond serving domestic needs to compete internationally.

To make our world safer, prosperous and more sustainable with the help of Value Added Products(VAP), Satellite Fleet, GeoIntel and it’s application.

Open up Space frontier through creative private enterprise and provide access to not just billionaires but to anyone who wish to get access to outer space. It can be spacecrafts, cargo and even normal civilians.



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