This startup makes motherhood feel comfortable and memorable

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Posted On : 01st, December 2017

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Health care

This startup makes motherhood feel comfortable and memorable

01st, December 2017    -    Health care

Being a mother is learning about strengths that you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed, motherhood is such a feeling that it puts the whole world into perspective and everything else just disappears.

To make both mother and child to be very much happy here is a new innovation by Akshaya Desai that is a product called Mommysutra.

Every mother wants her baby to be in comfort, Mommysutra is the best way to make every motherhood comfortable and feeling of fulfillment.

Sutra literally means a thread of line that holds things together just like a mom’s connection to her baby through the nine months and beyond. Being pregnant is one of the most amazing, yet emotional moments of a woman’s life. MommySutra found its roots with a mission of wrapping bundles of warmth and support for pregnant mothers. Each and every mother expects to make her motherhood feel complete and comfortable.

After months of research, trials and experiments, they carefully curate gift packages that perfectly nurture each stage of a mother’s journey. An interesting array of pre-packaged bundles was born including products which are health-sentient and chemical- free. They believe it is a unique gift idea or to pamper mon and baby and hope to make the journey to motherhood as wonderful and memorable as it should be.

Mommysutra creates a bandhan between a mother and a child.

Mommysutra was founded by Akshaya Desai, a media professional with more than thirteen years of corporate work experience in web designing, media sales, media planning and project management. After completing her Graduation and Post-Graduation from Symbiosis Educational Institutes in Pune, Akshaya worked in Bengaluru and Mumbai before founding MommySutra in Pune. 

MommySutra bundles consist of tried and tested, organic, health and beauty products and pregnancy keepsakes that make the nine month journey memorable. Organic Foot Creams, Soaps, Recipe Books, Pregnancy Journals, Nausea relief remedies are some of the products that are bundled to suit the various needs of a mom-to-be and she progresses through the different trimesters. Bundles can also be customized as per the requirement.

They have a mix of manufactured and outsourced products to make it a wholesome package for the mom-to-be. The organic beauty products and foods (if included) are sourced from reputed companies tried and tested by Akshaya herself in most cases and also received feedback from gynecologists and health professionals. Products manufactured by them are the keepsakes during pregnancy and clothing items like Nursing Cover made from 100% cotton and useful for the mom and baby post-delivery.

 As India is bit orthodox country, the first trimester is still a hush secret, shared only with very close family members. Now however the mind-set is surely changing and people have often started celebrating these moments by sharing among all the family members.

The vision is to celebrate motherhood with bundles that every mom to be or a new mommy will love to receive and get pampered with.

As every entrepreneur journey this one has it’s wins and challenges –the most difficult challenge that Akshaya Desai had is- Making people aware of the availability of curated pregnancy boxes that can be gifted to a mom-to-be.

They are not only into national level but also concentrating internationally; they are open to delivering wherever they receive the orders from whether nationally or internationally.

The Unique Selling Proposition lies in the fact that their boxes are curated from personal experience and consist of a wholesome package that caters to every trimester of the pregnancy. A customer gets a pre-packaged bundle of organic products along with other useful items that they can use during the nine months and beyond.  

More about Mommy sutra

Their future plans are to make MommySutra a one stop shop for pregnancy and post-partum needs. As every product takes its birth in the economy and starts growing slowly Mommysutra is getting ready to make motherhood much more comfortable.


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