Empathy - Selling from your heart

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Posted On : 07th, June 2017

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Guest blog

Empathy - Selling from your heart

07th, June 2017    -    Guest blog

We as human's need empathy at every phase of our life. When we conceptualise our idea, believing in it and embarking on the journey is the first step, but the most important aspect is to understand the end user of our product/service/offering. Empathy is the one single key attribute of sales which makes or breaks the idea. If we do not understand the view point of our end user, all our efforts go in vein. 

My classic example is how the premium brands treat their consumers when compared to regular shops. Walk into any premium brand showroom and even though you might not be a hot customer, they treat you with a lot of empathy. They understand your needs and help you make a decision. 

Once, I walked into a luxury car showroom with a friend. He was seriously considering it and since I am a automobile enthusiast, he asked me to join him. We entered and we were greeted well by the reception. My friend told the reception what he was looking for and the next 30 minutes went into walking us through all the offerings they have. As we were being guided around, I was looking at their products and had quite a few questions for them. At one point, I was mentioning the sales person how I saw one of their advertisements long ago and how much I admired the capabilities of one of their product. He insisted that I drove that car. I mentioned very clearly that what ever I do, I cannot afford that car in the near future and he is wasting his time walking me through the details of the car. What he mentioned left a lasting impression for me "Sir, you love this car and you might not be buying it today, but am sure, very soon you will come to drive home one of these". My day was made. It was not anything else, but what the sales guy said made me feel very good and gave me a feeling of hope that one day, I would definitely buy it. He need not say that or make me feel good for two reasons - I was not considering to buy anything that day (It was my friend) and second, he need not spend time to share details with me. But, still, he did. 

As an entrepreneur, we should constantly practice empathy. Because, only when we make our clients feel good, will we stand a chance to be successful and win the confidence of our client.

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Hari Pudipeddi

Mr Hari Pudipeddi is one of the founding members of HeadStart Network Foundation and founder of ADURO.His varied interests – Reading, Music, Photography, Blogging, Driving, Entrepreneurship and Project Management.

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