This E-sports Tournament Startup is bringing Pro-level gaming to average gamers in India

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Posted On : 29th, January 2020

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Startup Event

This E-sports Tournament Startup is bringing Pro-level gaming to average gamers in India

29th, January 2020    -    Startup Event

E-sports are a rapidly expanding industry that has drawn viewers and investments alike. The introduction of streaming platforms, as well as the improvement in mobile technology, has allowed the industry to grow from its arcade hall beginnings in the 1970s to competitors streaming games to millions of viewers globally. In addition to being highly visible (192 million frequent viewers in 2017), the e-sports industry is also lucrative ($906 million projected industry revenue in 2018).


Until 2018 India was not in favor of the global e-sports gaming concept as it was focusing on the local gaming community and offline events. In 2018 onwards PUBG mobile and other gaming companies able to attract gamers to play the e-tournaments and win the lucrative cash prize.


Our team took the interview of an upcoming e-sports gaming platform, Gamerji. The founder shared his journey and the future of the e-gaming industry in India.


1) Please introduce the Gamerji team 


Soham Thacker (Founder): A Computer Engineer from the USA, Soham moved to India in 2012 after having worked for multi-national companies such as SAP & Motorola. His most successful venture was Just Mexican – a fast food restaurant chain that grew from a food truck to 13 restaurants in 2 years. He successfully exited the venture in 2015.

Varun Gajjar (Investor): Varun was the sales & marketing head at La Gajjar Machineries which owns the brand Varuna Pumps - one of the most successful pump manufacturing companies in Gujarat, India estd. in 1935. Varun played a vital role in the merger of Varuna pumps with Kirloskar Oil Engines Pvt Ltd. in 2018.

Valay Patel (CTO): Valay holds a degree in Computer Science and heads the technical division of Gamerji. Prior to this, he has headed multiple tech development projects as an entrepreneur and a freelancer since last 5 years.

Aman Jain (COO): Aman is a chemical engineer from IIT Kanpur. Having worked with multi-national companies such as ITC & OYO rooms, Aman brings in more than 4 years of experience in leadership & team management

2) What made you venture into the E-sport tournament sector? 


We are average gamers who never got a chance to play professionally or gain any benefits by playing online games. There are multiple e-sports tournaments hosted worldwide for pro-level gamers, but what about the 99.9% of the other casual gamers who still spend hours every day playing the same game? This made us realize the gap and the potential of hosting virtual tournaments where these gamers get a chance to make a mark and also make money.

3) Gamerji- As a brand please explain (please share if you have any good games which crossed the milestone with complete data) 


Gamerji is an e-sports tournament platform in India for gamers to compete, communicate, share content and win cash prizes by conducting more than 20 tournaments every day. We are a platform where gamers can leverage their gaming skills and make more from the hours spent.


4) What is the value you offer to the customer and how do you deliver the value 


At Gamerji, we have researched and understood the mind-set of a casual gamer who on average spends more than 2 hours every day playing online games. These gamers are looking for an opportunity to make money and fame by using their skills and Gamerji is a platform that provides them with this opportunity.


5) The gaming business is dominated by many players. What are the difficulties you have faced and how did you overcome it? 


The most important and the hardest thing to achieve in the gaming industry is user interest. We are dealing with teenage to early thirties audience which is fragile from a loyalty standpoint. Hence at Gamerji, we have taken the tournament platform to add additional features such as content sharing, community creation, chat, profile building and statistics which constantly engage the audience.


6) You started your venture in 2018; please share your journey to date. 


Initial 4 months were spent in building the platform and researching the market post which Gamerji was launched in July 2019. Today Gamerji is standing at more than 100K gamers in a short span of 5 months.


7) What is the marketing strategy you have adopted? How did you get your first player? 


Gamerji was launched with a pro-level tournament called AirDrop 1.0 which had the best players from the country competing against each other. A tournament of that scale got the platform noticed by other gamers.


8) Is your venture is bootstrapped or did you raise any external funding? What is your initial source of funding to start the business?


Currently, the business is funded by the founding team and is raising its seed round. 


9) You are the first company from India to get selected for Qatar Sports Tech for its accelerator program. How it happens and your experience 


Gamerji was shortlisted among 1600 companies from over 15 countries to be interviewed by QST out of which it made it to the top 10 and the only Startup from India to achieve it.


10) Please share Trends that define the online sector in India by 2025


With the access to data cheaply and widely available, it has opened doors for higher bandwidth industries, gaming being one of them which is showing immense potential to give the next unicorn from India.


10) Your favourite entrepreneurship quote.


“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Peter Drucker


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