This online discovery platform creating a impact on Little

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Posted On : 14th, September 2017

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This online discovery platform creating a impact on Little's lives.

14th, September 2017    -    Startup

Life is a race with obstacles in career, profession and relationships. In India, over hundreds of children die every year due to academic failure and parental pressure. Being a responsible online listing platform for after school learning academies, Kidzopedia is successfully working towards eliminating the flaws of Indian parenting system. One of the biggest issues in the parenting style which is being followed in our country is the inability to recognize learning disabilities of children. Hence, academic failures to some children become the end of their life. This usually happens when parents push their children to cope with those subjects he or she cannot cope with.

This is quite a common issue that we have been witnessing since ages but not actually working towards making an impact on children’s life. Most of our children will never be Olympians or toppers in traditional classrooms. However, we should believe that every child can be a genius when recognized with his / her hidden talents.

To bring out children’s inherent traits, Kidzopedia provides Inborn Potential Assessment Test through unique fingerprints analysis. IPAT is a scientific study of fingerprints which is helpful in understanding the actual learning style, sensitivity, behavior and work pattern of a child. With the help of IPAT, many parents have now started identifying the right subjects or activities for their children. They have started choosing activities based on what they can do for children, not what children can do in that activity. 

The idea of bringing out secreted strengths and talents in children makes us one of a kind platform to help parents explore the world of opportunities outside the school. It is believed that 70% of a child’s brain development takes place outside the traditional elementary classroom. Hence, we understand the need of participating in extracurricular activities to nurture the whole personality of children. Without compromising on academic enrichment, we also focus on providing broad variety of learning experiences through our online after school academy listing platform.

Parents can log on to to call for IPAT assistance and look for after school learning activities and academies near their area. From academic development to social-emotional development, Kidzopedia features all the academies with activities that can help children in leading their life successfully in their professional world and beyond.

Through Kidzopedia’s assistance, many children have found the right activity and career path. They are now competing in the stream which makes them happy and live proudly in this society. 

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