Sales Training Programs that boost your sales performance - Yatharth Marketing Growth Story

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Posted On : 26th, February 2020

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Sales Training Programs that boost your sales performance - Yatharth Marketing Growth Story

26th, February 2020    -    Startup

In today’s world, sales of a company determine the success of the company. A company that knows how to market and promote its products may create a benchmark in their sales. Many businesses fail because they give more importance to product and process, less importance to selling. Organizations like these need to improve in many fields. Improvisation can happen only through sales training and sales consultation. Not only are there faults with an organization as a whole, but there can be faults as an individual too. Individuals issues such as Leadership skills, team management, Superiority problems, etc. lead to the failure of the organization. To solve such problems, individuals need to indulge in sales training. It is assumed that conducting third party sales training is expensive for an organization.


Yatharth Marketing Solutions is, therefore, the go-to company for all the problems. YMS works towards helping corporate organizations achieve their sales goals efficiently and quickly.

About Yatharth Marketing Solutions:

Yatharth Marketing Solutions was founded in 2014 by its CEO, Mr. Mihir Shah - India’s Top Rated Sales Trainer. Today, just six years into the market, they are regarded as one of the leading Sales training & sales consultancies organizations in the country. The organization has offices in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, and Dubai.


They are known for specializing in Corporate Sales Training as well as Individual Sales training. YMS believes first in fostering the attitude and then the techniques. The CEO’s immense amount of sales experience and talent has implemented in the workforce of the organization.


YMS has a mission to make even small organizations into the fortune 500 organizations. The efforts put in by the organization, to study the client’s problems and researching for the best solution is commendable.  

About Mihir Shah - India’s Top Rated Sales Trainer & Sales Coach:

Mr. Mihir Shah himself is known as a motivational person. He has given many motivational quotes. One of the hardest-hitting quotes is, “When better is possible, good is not enough.” Another Quote is for believers, which says,   ” Believing in Building Leaders Who Deliver Success!”. He believes in dominating the sales world. He has worked for many of the Fortune 500 companies like Google, Tally Solutions Private Limited, Merck & Co., Maxxis Rubber India PVT LTD, Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Co, NCC Limited, Eastman Global, Aditya Birla Group, Mahindra Insurance Broker, Nirma PVT LTD, Videocon, NextEducation India PVT LTD, VIVO India PVT LTD, Xerox, and many more With the experience from there; he knows that today’s selling ideas are outdated and need improvement. Therefore, he is striving hard to change the sales scenario for corporate as well as individual organizations. He believes that the improvisation of sales can come from a change in sales strategies, new sales procedures, selling tools, and selling skills.


He had won multiple awards for his outstanding contribution in the sales industry.


As the CEO of the company, Mr. Mihir Shah gained prior experience in sales for about ten years. He, as a sales employee, has closed a considerable amount of sales deals in his previous assignments. He understands the sales scenario in detail due to which he is a sales expert today.


What training programs are offered by Yatharth Marketing?

Yatharth Marketing not only provides sales training programs but also gives other programs like Leadership training, Entrepreneur training programs, personality development training.


As mentioned earlier, training programs are offered for both for an individual as well as corporate organizations. For corporate organizations, it is mostly regarding Sales training, selling skills, sales management strategies, Negotiation, Sales Training, etc. For an individual, it is more about how to be a good leader, improvising personal skill sets, how to close deals, personality development, etc. 


These sales training programs have moved corporate organizations in being successful over time. It is believed that ’Once you find solace in something, you should not look for other things.’ It is the same with Yatharth Marketing Solutions. Once you approach them, you will not wish for anyone better.


What are the Pricing Details and Sales Training Structure:


I think that this is one of the few sales training organizations that have been open about their sales pricing. Now when it comes to sales pricing, yes, YMS is a little expensive. This expensiveness comes from the structure of the sales training they offer. YMS is known for providing customized sales training.


This means that YMS will give your organization sales training according to your product. Other sales training companies offer a basic style of sales training. They do not do a study on your product or the companies past. On the other hand, YMS invests time in studying your product, details of your organization, employee behavior, etc. Therefore it is alright to spend extra rupee if you get the best sales training for your sales executives.


Even in terms of on-ground sales training, they conduct sales activities. These sales activities help your sales executives witness real-life sales scenarios. E.g., The sales trainer will act as a consumer, and the salesman has to do his job of selling a product. Now when the whole process in on, Mr. Mihir Shah will overview the process and will guide the salesman to keep the customer interested and then how to close the deal.

Yatharth Marketing Solutions has a collaborative approach to corporate training. This helps both the client as well as YMS as it creates loyalty for each other. All sales training programs provided by YMS are well tested and proven. The goal of each corporate training is to have long-term success and not a short-term success. It’s not only a one-time sales training, but YMS continues assisting your personnel. This is a quality which is rare and not all provides such a service.


What different ways of sales training is given to each age group:


The sales training provided by YMS depends on the age group and the years of experience. E.g., If sales training has to deliver to a group of freshers. The sales training is more detailed and will start from scratch. There is minimal use of advanced sales terms. The language and diction are simplified and easy to understand.


The same way if sales training has to provide to a more experienced team, then the sales training is more to the point. It is assumed that if the sales team is experienced, then they will know what selling is. For the experienced sales team, the sales training is all about how they have to improve on their existing skills.

What is their Online Sales Training:

Yatharth Marketing Solutions is taking a major step toward online sales training. They are providing online sales training on a seminar basis. Every 3rd Saturday of the month, they conduct a sales seminar online. This is for individual salespersons. As the on-ground sales training is expensive and can be afforded mostly by corporate companies. The workshops are much cheaper and affordable for individual salespeople. At the end of the sales training, there are question and answer sessions as well.

 What does the YMS Website have:

Other than all of this, the YMS website has a detailed description of all sales training programs, sales pricing, industries, etc. There are also a lot of blogs and articles. In these blogs, you can read about the basics of sales training. The blogs contain topics like; Sales training tips, leadership skills, how to close a deal, tips for startups, etc. The website can give you an actual picture whatever you wish to know. You can also view the current clients on the website. If you do want to contact Mr. Mihir Shah, his contacts are easily available on the website.



So yes if you ever think your organization is not meeting its goals. There is YMS, who you can turn your bus to. The one-stop destination for all corporate sales issues and problems.



Website: Yatharth Marketing Solutions


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