The Era of ‘Brand in Hand’ Marketing

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Posted On : 06th, March 2018

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The Era of ‘Brand in Hand’ Marketing

06th, March 2018    -    Startup

While the best minds of this generation are thinking about how to make people click on ads, GingerCup is brewing ideas on a paper cup. The way people consume media has changed. Paper Cup Advertising is slowly but swiftly gaining momentum on the offline marketing forefront.

Coffee cup advertising or paper cup advertising is a kind of handheld branding in offices, colleges, IT parks, cafes and roadside tea stalls. Advertising on a paper cup ensures people see, touch and hold your advertising message throughout the day in their respective environments. 

The ‘brand in hand’ experience of paper cup ads makes branding and marketing communication to be delivered to people in their hands while they are working, watching an event, walking, eating or taking a flight. It brings advertisers and companies together by placing ads on a paper cup and distributing them free to companies and colleges to be used to serve beverages such as tea, coffee and water. 

In the past, advertising and branding models were based on 30-second commercials and magazine ads. Today, it is all about getting personal. A brand-in-hand initiative is an important part of your overall marketing strategy.

Research suggests that the average time a person holds a cup of coffee is for 37 minutes. The coffee drinker not only touches and holds the brand in their hand, but also establishes a positive perception and feeling of warmth. Savouring a simple cup of coffee can connect people and create a community.

Both the company receiving the paper cup ads as well as the advertiser benefit from paper cup advertising.

The benefits to the company are:

·       No wasting money for paper cups for your office

·       Conserving the environment by using paper cups over plastic cups

·       Colourful paper cups over boring white paper cups

The benefits to the advertiser are:

·       Via branded paper cups your marketing message is delivered in the hands of your target audience

·       A short and sweet way of advertising

·       Easy communication of your message to consumers in various environments 24/7, 365 days a year

·       Reaching out to tea/coffee drinkers daily

·       The exposure time of the medium is 5-7 minutes

·       Makes your brand the topic of conversation during tea/coffee breaks 

GingerCup, a start-up marketing agency has been associated with paper cup advertising since 2015. They have carried out campaigns for big brands such as Baahubali, BookMyShow, Uber, Hotstar, Clovia, ABP Live, Gillette, Brigade, Pizza Hut etc..

Advertising on paper cups is a great way to reinforce your marketing message every single day to your target demographic.  

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