From attending Science fest to co-founding Research hub, The journey of Bharadwaj brothers inspires you to not to think about your age.

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Posted On : 19th, January 2018

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Co working space

From attending Science fest to co-founding Research hub, The journey of Bharadwaj brothers inspires you to not to think about your age.

19th, January 2018    -    Co working space

Age is just a number said many, proved only a few. While attending a science event in Delhi, in the year 2011, prior to the announcement of results of the competition, the Chief Guest, addressed the students and spoke about the inventions and Indian scientists. After listening to his speech, Yuvraj and Yashraj, 18-year-old twins from Delhi, felt really strange to know that till that very point of time only 1 Indian citizen had won a Nobel Prize in the field of sciences. They got a new direction and a completely new life began from that moment and they call it ‘Ah moment’. They started reading science fictions, started thinking of same things from different angles and perspectives, and started reading research journals and other resources. They started penning down their areas of interest and ideas for a particular problem which made them to broaden their interest in new technology and innovation.


There has been no looking back since then. These two brothers own 24 research projects and also have 8 patent applications that they filed together as a team. They've presented their research papers at many conferences and have won various events including a number of fairs and paper presentations at different institutes in India including Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Their research papers include All In One Medical Assistance Machine and Brain Controlled Drone and Bajra purifier: removal and extraction of toxic metals from the river and purifying the water by using Bajra (pearl millet), which was also their first one. The twins threw light on their first research paper which emphasized on Bajra (pearl millet). They strongly feel that our environment is and has been continually exposed to pollution for which scientists have developed purification and extraction methods using a variety of techniques. But these techniques are expensive and may have detrimental effects on the environment. Therefore, they came up with a very cheap alternative, Bajra (Pearl millet) Purifier, which needs no special care and generates an efficiency of 98℅, which again no other purification system gives. They have been nominated for Padma Shri 2018. Recently they received The Eagle Award from Malaysia. They have also won many fellowships like SF Fellowship $250,000, Austrian Innovation Grant worth $40,000, and much more.

They have qualified to represent India at various international fairs and conferences and have also been officially selected for attending one of the best leadership summits, Novus Summit by the United Nations. They've been recognized as Category-A research Scholars by National Science Centre, Delhi and have been the winners of Karamveer Chakra Award.


During this process of lining up awards and making their family and country proud, they realized that there are many students like them who want to do the same work which they have done. This made them to start an organization together known as Zenith Vipers, to encourage more number of students to come up with their ideas and serve for the betterment of the society. Bharadwaj brothers spent most of their childhood reading a lot of science fictions and experimenting with the truth behind all the research going on in the world. They look forward to doing more research work and are willing to get recognition on an international platform. They even plan to do an intensive research on Pure Sciences. In order to make India a supreme power throughout the globe, Yuvraj and Yashraj aim to bring India a Nobel Prize in the field of sciences.

The two geniuses didn't want others to face the problems which they did in the beginning and in their initial phases of research, "People in India think research is something very difficult and impossible to do, we have to really work very hard to be able to deliver our thoughts on research. According to us people just need complete dedication and a good set of questions to do research." said the duo.


With the objective to facilitate research among the emerging entrepreneurs and researchers, they brought in the concept of WorkoLab, which is India’s first co-working space for research and development activity. Spread over an area of 12500 sq. ft. (both facilities), WorkoLab offers a collaborative space coupled with research guidance by India’s youngest scientific minds with an aim to infuse innovation into your start-up idea. Co-founded by Yashraj and Yuvraj Bhardwaj with an initial seed capital amount of INR 3 Crore, the twin brothers identified an existing gap in ‘lack of coworking spaces and research hubs altogether at the same place’. 

Workolab is positioned as a research co-working space because the revenue model for our spaces of Co-Working spaces and research hubs is totally different. Currently, such spaces in the market make money through selling a number of table and chairs, which is orthodox according to them. This revenue of table and chair is just 13% of revenue that Workolab generates. Rest 87% comes from Corporate innovation projects. They have research domains in the research hubs wherein they run problem statements to solve and find innovative solutions to real-time problems of corporates.


Workolab currently does not have any competitor in the market because they are the only one doing Co-Working with Research hubs and Mentors live in India and on the basis of revenue streams, the financial model is dependent on corporate innovation projects that are done, which is the main revenue stream. They have raised Rs 3 crores in Funding and the funds are used totally towards the expansions, in signing more number of centres and marketing costs.


The company has an aggressive roadmap ahead of a rapid growth plan and expansion to other cities like Mumbai, Pune, Kota, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, and Jaipur by March 2018. In the second phase, WorkoLab plans to take an international leap starting with Malaysia and Singapore and thereby launch 100+ centres in next 3 years across the globe.

At a very young age of 18, these twin brothers have brought home many laurels and have humbly climbed the steps of success with hard work and dedication. They have a long way to go and we wish them all the success.


Website: Workolab 

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