Why Sentient AI is Ideal for A/B Testing

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Posted On : 11th, January 2018

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Why Sentient AI is Ideal for A/B Testing

11th, January 2018    -    Sponsored

Running successful advertising campaigns is not always simple, especially if you are working in a highly competitive market. A/B testing is one of the most common ways to determine the best form of marketing for specific demographics and audiences, both online and locally. Using A/B testing when launching a new campaign you have in mind for your brand provides a variety of advantages to ensure you make the most out of your next advertising run.


Pinpoint Key Messaging and Copy


Using sentient AI with A/B testing is a way to quickly gather and sort the data you receive from browsers or registered shoppers on your site (in addition to social media platforms). The better you understand the marketing language and tone your users best respond to, the easier it is to launch relevant marketing campaigns that appeal to your followers. Sentient AI is capable of quickly assessing the success or failure of multiple campaigns you launch without requiring additional effort on your part. Choosing the copy and messaging that your shoppers and followers resonate with most is a way to quickly improve the overall success rate of any type of marketing campaign you launch.


Save on Wasting Advertising Budget


Rather than dabbling in the guesswork of advertising and marketing online, sentient AI eliminates wasteful spending by quickly optimizing the data you collect from users each time you run a campaign. The more insight you have readily available to you once a campaign has run its course, the more likely you are to cultivate an even more successful campaign for your users in the future. By having a better understanding of the type of ad your users respond to, avoid wasting on campaigns that are most likely to miss the mark.


Store and Optimize Data for Future Marketing Campaigns


One of the best features sentient AI has to offer is storing and optimizing data it receives instantaneously. Eliminate browsing and sorting through the data you receive from customers manually, allowing sentient AI to get the job done with ease. Sentient AI can also be programmed for various parameters you set, giving you complete control over which data is most important and valuable to help with growing and expanding your business. Once the sentient AI has collected, organized, and evaluated the information it receives from your customers, it is then possible to get a better look into the messaging, copy, and formats of ads that work best with those who are following your brand.

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