The Kabaadiguy is taking out the pain of Kota in managing the wastes from city.

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Posted On : 16th, September 2017

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Social enterprise

The Kabaadiguy is taking out the pain of Kota in managing the wastes from city.

16th, September 2017    -    Social enterprise

Kota, a city reputed as the Mecca for IIT-JEE & medical examination coaching students. Students from all over India come to the city to prepare for these examinations. The city has done a great work in absorbing this rush of students.

Students make most of the economic life of Kota to survive. There are tiffin centers, Hostels, Messes and many other types of occupations which are living upon this student’s rush. Although these students make the most of the economic life of the city, there's a problem born of managing the junk of old books, cartons, aluminum can, plastic bags etc. Most of the items listed are generated by local residents of Kota also but, the amount generated by the students makes a large part of this junk problem.

These items can be sold to the conventional kabaad wallahs but there is a problem with them likewise their timings. Other problems associated with them are they are highly unorganized business sector, there can be price variation of items, most part of the junk remaining unsold, customer dissatisfaction and list goes on.

This problem attracted the attention of a resident of Kota, named Kshitij Sharma. At the time he was pursuing his (CSE) from C.P.University.During his he attended a seminar on resource management. In this seminar, he listened to the national head of Solid & Liquid resource management, Mr.Sri Nivasan.After this seminar, he engaged himself with this problem of junk material management. He observed that we cannot make a perfect deal with this conventional kabaad wallah’s system even with every mean is used. Always, there will be some amount of dissatisfaction will remain in it. So, he decided to overcome this dissatisfaction occurring either on behalf of a customer or the conventional kabaad wallah system. 

Kshitij started surveying kabaad business in Kota city. He acquired knowledge about the collection of junk, its processing, its market, price determination methods etc. He found that prices of various junk materials are decided on a monthly basis and also, these prices can be varying depending on the dealer and there are some materials also which, has price varies depending upon season and demand. After acquiring and analyzing these datasheets he concluded that only a centralized system can overcome the errors of conventional kabaad wallah system. Kshitij designed a web portal and named it The Kabaadi Guy.

For his start-up, he took a warehouse and a collecting vehicle on rent. Kshitij hired 4 collection boys for the collection of the junk. He used Google search service to search for the price of the various type of junk material and after normalization, he decided the price rate for his venture. He designed his web portal in the computer lab of C.P. University in June 2016.

The Kabaadi Guy provides free doorstep collection of junk or scrap. You can reach to them via phone or web portal as well as you can reach them via the mobile app. All you have to do is give information about your location, type and amount (approximate) of junk and they will reach to your location to collect the junk with their own vehicle. The Kabaadi Guy offers quite a decent price in return of the junk. Also, they have provided their price list over their web portal as well as on their app. 

Collection boys are well dressed and behavior of them is good and decent. Weighing of the material is done on the electronic balance and boys provide the receipt of the total price including weight and individual categorized price detail. After collection, this material is stored in the warehouse. From warehouse collected material is supplied to nearby recycling center where junk material is recycled. 

The Kabaadi Guy gained so much popularity that they have to take one more ware house on rent just after two weeks. This service is gaining popularity among students also at a faster rate.

Kshitij talked about their aim. He said, their main aim is to provide permanent job to the kabaad wallahs, who came door to door to collect your scrap. The Kabaadi Guy donate their 20% of annual revenue for educating poor children.

Currently, the service is limited to Kota city but, Kshitij wants to spread the span of their service in other cities also.


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