HRank: an unbiased web-hosting ranking system

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Posted On : 22nd, February 2019

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HRank: an unbiased web-hosting ranking system

22nd, February 2019    -    Sponsored

One of the key features to launch a successful website is a reliable web-hosting. The Internet is overwhelmed with on-line resources to monitor your web speed and conversion. There are also sources that publish some analytical-like statistics based on these very resources. However, it can not demonstrate the real-time up-to-date picture about the page performance, as the web-hosting is estimated by several options only and Shared IP’s are rarely estimated.

Established in June 2018, HRANK is a unique service to provide the visitors with the precise and exclusive information about the 300 web providers, 40 000 Shared IP’s and 12 million sites. Unlike popular monitor tools like PIngdom or KeyCDN, we have developed a specific robot that conducts all the analysis and research procedures.

The major rule we follow is to check the “50+ domains” only. It allows us to collect the information about all the physical as well as hosted domains. For this purpose, we have chosen four main data types to monitor: uptime, support maintenance, response time, company work experience and its usability. These very issues are the major indicates of the reliable hosting provider.

The uptime is evaluated according to monthly result (one per day) demonstrated by the server. This information is highly important to know how often your page will be available for the clients to see. The response time is calculated in a similar way to show how long it takes for a page to download.

Undoubtedly, our charts are the most trustworthy ones, as the information about 120 mln websites is updated daily. We guarantee that we know for sure what is going on with this or that domain and, as a consequence, with the Shared IP. Our own robot constantly sends random “get http” requests to the websites from our data base. In case the server or a domain are unavailable, it tries again later to reach the pages. If their accessibility has been failed for about a week, we exclude the Shared IP from our service.

Why do people trust HRank’s TOP:

1.      we do not copy other researches, we make our own analysis;

2.      we obtain one of the largest shared web providers base and have access to all the domain information;

3.      we offer an option to see the history of the uptime and other statistic data;

4.      we make our own investigations (initiate a chat or a phone call) when we lack information about the support service of the hosting;

5.      we care about our visitors and concentrate on such less obvious benefits like expertise, design and usability;

6.      we provide you with free information with no promotional or insulting intentions.


As a result, we base our ranking lists on objective and diversified factors. Using HRank, you won’t find any outdated or unconfirmed information on our service. Due to the fact that we specialize on shared hosting only, we don’t waste neither time nor effort for collecting a pile of unsorted and impractical data.


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