This startup helps you to lower the cost of Marketing and provide the best ROI result.

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Posted On : 21st, March 2018

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Featured entrepreneur

This startup helps you to lower the cost of Marketing and provide the best ROI result.

21st, March 2018    -    Featured entrepreneur

An E-mail interview with the founder and CEO of Outsourcedcmo, he shared his experience and journey as a Startup founder.

Q – Please share your Personal and Entrepreneurial background

I have done my MBA marketing from Birla Institute of Management Technology and have a 23+ years of working experience of which 19 years have been spent working with MNCs like San Disk, AMD and tops corporate like Tata Power Solar in communications, brand building and 360 degrees marketing. I am also a mentor for various forums like NEN, NASSCOM 10,000 startups etc. to promote new age entrepreneurs.

Outsourcedcmo’s team is made up of multi-talented professionals comprising IITans and MBAs with decades of experience in small, medium as well as large global B2B and B2C enterprises. The team members have vast experience of working with blue-chip companies like Konica-Minolta (USA), The Times of India, Larsen & Toubro, Wipro , Hindustan Lever etc.. where they earned a reputation for consistent achievement and delivery.

Q – Describe Outsourcedcmo and its process.

Our company has been born out of the realisation that SMEs and startups are in dire need of savvy marketing professionals. We have found that many start-ups struggle to create a viable brand in the absence of experienced marketing professionals in their team. I dare say that such professionals are the lifeline of any startup or SME that wants to scale up to the next level. But, such experienced marketing professionals are few and their market price makes them unaffordable for small companies. 

This is where we come in. We help SMEs and startups get access to experienced marketing professionals at an affordable cost. Outsourced CMO acts as an outsourced resource to manage the entire marketing requirements for a company with the help of cherry-picked, highly experienced marketing gurus who work as full-time marketing managers operating partly from office and home. Most of our marketers have years of experience and are extremely successful professionals who can achieve the marketing KRAs in half the time required by a junior resource. We offer the services of these excellent marketers at an extremely affordable price – most times, at a cost required to hire a junior resource of less experience. 

Q How Outsourcedcmo helpful to a business.

Outsourced CMO does not have any external funding and is 100% self-funded till date. Over the past 4 years we have been able to carve a niche for ourselves in the market. This has been possible due to our professionalism, productivity and our ability to understand the needs and goals of companies and to work as part of their team to draw and implement a road map for them to achieve the predefined goals. More than 8 companies have hired Outsourced CMO as against having a permanent Head Marketing on their own payrolls. The success stories of the same is available at our website :

A far as our business model is concerned we have a very transparent & open way of working.

We partner with only seasoned and experienced marketing geniuses who have proven accomplishments and a high pedigree. Based on the skillsets and domain knowledge, the marketing professional is matched with a startup/SME. Once the CEO or the decision maker of the company meets the marketing professional and discusses the KRAs and expectations, he/she is designated as the CMO of the company. A fixed monthly remuneration is decided between Outsourced CMO and the startup/SME before the CMO is onboarded.

Q   What is the value proposition  Outsourcedcmo offers to its customer?

As far as I know, there is other no other company who do what we do. There are some companies who claim to do the similar work like us but under the umbrella of a consultancy firm. Outsourced CMO is not a consultancy firm. We function as outsourced marketing managers and help SMEs’ and startups by replacing their need to hire full time marketing manager.

We provide top-notch marketeers to startups and SMEs with a hassle free process who are up and ready to hit the ground from day one , giving SMEs and startups the much needed flexibility and adaptability that too at an affordable price.

Q  How do Outsourcedcmo manage the intellectual issues that are arising from the client’s end? 

We are a bunch of highly professional marketeers with years of experience. We have the utmost respect to our client’s data and intellectual property. Outsourced CMO signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the startup/SME and the designated CMO before we start work. We ensure that a CMO who works for a company does not work for a competitor anytime during and after 6 months of engagement.

Q Who are your initial customers and market feedback on new concept Outsourcedcmo

 Ever since our inception in 2014 we have been striving to propagate the benefits of an Outsourced CMO to SMEs and startups. We are happy with our track record - in the four years of our existence we have worked with 8 companies in diverse fields, such as:

·        Online education (Vedantu),

·        Relocation (Pikkol),

·        Technology (MSG Global, mVikarsha, Wealth App)  

·        e-commerce (Eat-Shop-Love),

·        Energy (Innorel Systems),

·        Travel (TravelSpice).

We are proud to say that our association with majority of these companies continues to grow strongly even after 3 years. We believe that we are on the right track as the idea is to gain more traction with SMEs and startups in the days to come.

Individual success stories are available on our website

Q Have you faced any issues or challenges when you are venturing into this space?

Initially when I started this concept in 2014 I was the only person in my company working as “Outsourced CMO,” as I wanted to understand the viability of the concept and it was a learning time for me.

Introducing a new concept always comes with its own set of challenges and I was no exception. The greatest problem was about the acceptability of the concept among its target audience. Entrepreneurs / CEOs have always thought that marketing team should be hired in-house besides using some marketing agencies to execute the on-ground marketing activities and this was the only functioning model that they had seen till then. So, it was natural for them to be apprehensive and cautious about this new way of marketing.


It took me lot of time, energy and persuasion to explain to the entrepreneurs that it is very tough for an early stage startup to get a CXO level professional to work as a regular employee & we are the only company who could solve this problem of a CXO working on a reduced remuneration as against the market standards. I had to convince them that since the Outsourced CMO would work from the startup office as well so he / she will blend into the team perfectly & not considered as an outsider. The proof of the pudding is in the eating thus entrepreneurs had to see it to believe it. Thankfully, the acceptability of the concept has risen over the years.

Q What are the future plans of Outsourcedcmo

In the near future, I aim to create a consortium of like-minded CMOs who have a rich and diversified experience of working in the corporate culture and who are excited by the idea of working flexi-time so as to become a part of the growth story of startups and at the same time earning a decent living.

Once I have achieved a critical number of seasoned marketing professionals willing to work as Outsourced CMOs, I plan to give startups and companies associated with us the power to choose the CMO they want to work with.

In this model companies will have the flexibility to work with two CMOs at the same time as opposed to the traditional model where companies typically have only just a single CMO. Thus companies can gain the advantage of better and diversified insights that too at an affordable cost.

As stated earlier, we would continue to ensure that none of our CMOs work for any company competing in the same space.

At the same time, to ensure that our CMOs are not overburdened and partner companies get their full attention we intend to limit the number of companies a CMO can work with at any particular point of time so that he/she is able to completely focus on his/her company . 

Website: Outsourced CMO

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