This Startup from England disrupting Music industry using AI.

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Posted On : 28th, August 2017

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International Startup

This Startup from England disrupting Music industry using AI.

28th, August 2017    -    International Startup

As startups, fueled by emerging Internet technologies pop up all over the world, they are becoming more and more common in Europe, especially in London, England. Here is a closer look at Jukedeck, a London based media startup that is taking the entertainment world by storm. Jukedeck makes it possible for aspiring artists to record their own royalty free soundtracks for free, making it much easier for them to shoot professional looking videos.  

Anyone can become a media pro using Jukedeck’s easy to use musical technology powered by AI which is replete with lots of options for the mood, style, tempo, and length of the soundtrack. All options are fully customizable, and users receive a professional sounding soundtrack in return.  

Jukedeck began when a musician decided to combine software coding with music knowledge. Rex, the founder of Jukedeck decided to write a music composition software program. While he had a strong understanding of music, he did not really understand coding, so he gathered up a team of 17 engineers and software programmers to write a unique and revolutionary software program called Jukedeck Make. The program relies heavily on the usage of AI for its success. The program is so good that established companies like Google and The Natural History Museum have used it for their advertising campaigns.

Jukedeck is not the first startup to create musical recording programs, but it is the first of its kind allowing people with no musical or programming knowledge to create inexpensive musical masterpieces. Jukedeck’s program is composed by easy to understand notes making it possible for even a novice to customize and compose the music. The program offers seven themes of music, including pop, ambient, and rock. Users have a choice of two moods, two instruments, and three tempos.  

Users are able to choose song beats per minute, and song duration. All of these options allow users to write their own unique pieces of music and soundtracks. Jukedeck targets online video makers - people who create and post videos on YouTube and other online video channels. Most of these people are hard core video makers, so they form a solid base of loyal and repeat customers.

Jukedeck has ambitious expansion plans - it wants to be the Netscape of the Internet, in that it wants to take the music industry by storm and become the preferred choice of music artists. Jukedeck plans to advertise through its users’ websites, thereby increasing its visibility to the general public - the long term goal is to expand its customer base through this strategy. Jukedeck also plans to launch online advertising campaigns in the future to increase its online presence. Jukedeck may be able to pull it off because it has the needed investment in the form of VC Capital to do this.

Jukedeck is currently growing at a healthy clip of 7% a year. This growth rate is attributed to its heavy reliance on artificial intelligence to produce music. The AI makes Jukedeck’s program adaptable to any music composition, making it popular to amateur music producers who comprise the majority of the industry. 

Jukedeck is poised to take the European entertainment industry by storm because its owners have secured investment funding, and acknowledgement at many of Europe’s startup fairs, but only time and good plans and strategies can determine Jukedeck’s fate.

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