Drashti Mehta, Co-Founder & Managing Partner sheds a light on women entrepreneurship, decision-making and visionary goals

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Posted On : 02nd, March 2020

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Featured entrepreneur

Drashti Mehta, Co-Founder & Managing Partner sheds a light on women entrepreneurship, decision-making and visionary goals

02nd, March 2020    -    Featured entrepreneur

Drashti Mehta, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Ubiquitous Mediaworks and Decisionmakerz is a very ambitious and upcoming professional in Marketing and Advertising. She has worked with some of the best-known organizations and handled their digital marketing campaign. Drashti has now started her own venture and is marking her presence across categories. Our team connected with Drashti Mehta from Decisionmakerz for an interview to know her journey so far. 



S J: How has been your professional journey?

Drashti: My professional journey has been a great learning experience. I started my career handling campaigns for the largest entertainment ticketing website – Bookmyshow, where I managed multiple aspects in the content and social media. Later, I moved to handle digital campaigns for a leading OTA – ezeego1. Post that, I have managed campaigns for well-known brands across industries like HR, Entertainment, Tech, E-Commerce, Fashion in both B2B and B2C space.

Currently, I am a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Ubiquitous Mediaworks Private Limited and decisionmakerz.com. Ubiquitous Mediaworks is an end-to-end Advertising and Marketing firm that offers integrated brand solutions to target niche segments in both B2B and B2C segments across industries. Decisionmakerz.com is an engaging content platform reaching out to end decisionmakerz across industries and help them take Business and personal decisions wisely.


S J: How did you find your niche and started your venture Decisionmakerz 

Drashti: Reaching out to the right target audience has gained a lot of significance over the years in the entire Marketing & Communications space. A platform that brings all the end decisionmakerz at one place and targeting them had become the need of the hour. Understanding this need led to starting decisionmakerz.com, which equips individuals to make mission-critical decisions in Business and personal space. On the contrary, the content can make a huge impact on the minds of the audience, which benefits advertisers to create business opportunities.


S J: What are the initial challenges you faced in your entrepreneurial journey and how did you overcome

Drashti: Becoming an entrepreneur has always been a dream for me, but it comes with a lot of hurdles, and like it’s rightly said, ‘With great power come greater responsibilities.’ Every step, every decision needs to have strategic levels with calculated risk. There have been times where I juggled between multiple roles in Business to hit back the challenges coming towards me. This role-play has only made me stronger and more immune to bigger responsibilities in my way forward. Every challenging situation has given me something to learn and has made my journey a series of continuous learning.


S J: Content space is growing rapidly, and many players are fighting to get their piece of cake in the market. How do you manage the competition and how do you deliver the value

Drashti: Decisionmakerz.com is not just a content platform but also a go-to decision-making companion. Individuals turn to decisionmakerz.com for insights, guidance, and solving problems for successful results. How anyone would count on their friends for informative and analytical reasoning for any critical decisions, we aim to offer the communities of decisionmakerz to enrich their lives by reaping benefit out of every decision they make.


Many brands are looking to target the decision-making community to offer solutions to end-users, and decisionmakerz help advertisers easily reach their audience. In all, It is a bridge between individuals seeking solutions and brands fulfilling the need.


S J: What is the value proposition of Decisionmakerz

Drashti: Our Value proposition is – “Think. Decide. Grow”. Our ideas, insights, and guidance help individuals think wisely, decide better, and grow exponentially.


S J: How do you aim to change the landscape of decision-making?

Drashti: We are aiming to build the largest decision making the community that looks up to decisionmakerz for any simple or complex decisions, be it related to Business or personal. Be it for them, their family, loved one’s, team, company, or even society as a whole.


S J: Your favorite quote on entrepreneurship

Drashti: A really powerful quote that has imprinted on my life is, “Remember why you started.” This quote has so much depth in my life and has been hard-wired into my mind. Whenever there’s even a slight demotivation or setback, this one-liner gives me the strength to rise back up and encourage me to achieve my goals I have set for myself.


S J: Your take on women being in entrepreneurship and what you would like to advise them 

Drashti: A woman in entrepreneurship is all about mindset. Any gender can become a successful entrepreneur if the heart, mind, and focus are set in the right direction. No power is strong enough to stop you if the competency and perseverance are more intense. It is high time we stop distinguishing ourselves from the gender-bias and just keep moving. Nothing beats hard work - not even gender roles.


Website: decisionmakerz.com


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