The journey of this women entrepreneur from being a Tech Developer to developing Eco friendly baby care product

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Posted On : 06th, September 2018

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My journey

The journey of this women entrepreneur from being a Tech Developer to developing Eco friendly baby care product

06th, September 2018    -    My journey

Being a mother is not an easy job for women. She needs to be extra careful when selecting the product for her baby. In the open market it is not easy to identify the genuine and best product for her baby as the market is crowded with branded and unbranded products. Being a mother she will be in dilemma on selecting and providing the best product to her baby which is harmless and sensitive to the baby’s body.

Mother Sparsh is one such startup which is growing the segment by providing the best product and gaining the mother’s trust. We at Startupsjourney able to get the interview of the Founder of Mother Sparsh Ms. Rishu Gandhi In this interview she unfolds her journey as an entrepreneur and some thought-provoking information about the product segment.

S J From Java Developer to manufacturing segment to starting own baby wipes manufacturing business. Can you share your journey?

R G The journey has positively changed my life. Soon after my graduation in Engineering, I joined Infosys as a Java developer. Learning about consumer behavior aspects related to new products and innovations always attracted me.

While learning more about the baby care products segment I realized the huge potential that organic & eco-friendly products hold. The products in this category lack the ideal standards. I started Mother Sparsh with thought of providing better products to babies. The process has enriched me immensely and I have learned many new things. And after spending all this time and effort it feels we are heading in the right direction.         

S J  Babycare is very niche and sensitive segment and need special focus. How and why did you venture your business in this segment?

R G During my working days, I realized that many employed new mothers were looking for the best products for their babies. They were dissatisfied with the popular brands and their products. Looking closely at those products, I convinced that the mothers’ concerns were genuine. And I realized this segment is highly sensitive and calls for strong focus and dedication, this has been one of the main reasons to start Mother Sparsh. I was determined to innovate safe and effective skincare products for babies with natural formulas and toxin-free ingredients. And of course my love for babies influenced me to create something natural for the babies’ delicate skin.

Luckily the outcome did not just bring respite to the parents’ concerns but was even conducive to mother earth. The idea of 98% water based biodegradable wipes in India is the first in line and has opened the way for many more products with similar concepts to follow. 

S J  Being a women entrepreneur what are the challenges you faced and how did you overcome?

R G  The journey has been challenging, both at the personal and professional front. The most critical and time-consuming challenge was setting up the R&D process. With the passion to make something pure and pristine I read and researched everything related in every possible way. I pursued interactions with pioneers in this field. The belief that I was on the way to making a positive contribution to the society kept me going all this time, even though things sometimes looked blurred on the way.

S J  How was your family and society supported for your new venture.

R G In my journey of becoming an entrepreneur my husband has been my biggest ally. His immense support, wisdom and experience have been major contributing factors that have kept me going. I am lucky regarding the backing that my family has provided me with, they understand my passion and enthusiasm for this endeavor.

S J How did market respond to your product and learning from the market feedback?

R G We have received an overwhelming response. Our product is available on all e-commerce websites. Mother Sparsh has been the fastest-selling product on Amazon and FirstCry.

The millennial parents regard hygiene as a critical factor. Mother Sparsh baby wipes stand for safety and hygiene that are indispensable in preventing infections, rashes and allergies. Thus our product sales have been consistently growing. We have positioned ourselves as a natural cleaning substitute for soft cotton and water. Mother Sparsh wipes are competitively priced and offer a strong value proposition, therefore within the reach of most people along with being environment-friendly,

S J Apart from online stores, are you planning to open any offline stores or do you have presence in the regular market? 

R G We plan to collaborate with thousands of outlets for making our product available in the offline stores as well. We understand the importance of availability and accessibility in the fast-paced times. The whole idea behind Mother Sparsh has been to offer eco-friendly and toxin-free baby wipes that are readily available and accessible so that parents don’t need to resort to toxic ingredients based products.

As for our strategic decision we are focusing on metros and markets in south India. The market has huge potential because of the urbane and informed population who prefer quality over money. So we see a huge business opportunity there.

S J Where do you see Mother Sparsh in next few years and what are the possible products you’re planning to launch in the market?

R G The company’s plans include the launch of more variants in the baby wipes category with the inclusion of premium sensitive/extra gentle thick baby wipes for sensitive skin, which will specifically contain bamboo fabric. Also, we will launch smaller size SKU of existing baby water wipes, and provide the end users more options regarding the packet sizes.

According to Rishu Gandhi “Entrepreneurship is a mindset of thinking, acting and imagining new creative and innovative ways to resolve problems and situations that create value. It's about spotting, capturing and taking advantage of hidden opportunities. The essential things involved in entrepreneurship are risk-taking, collaboration, resilience and ingenuity.”

S J Share your thoughts for women who would like to take Entrepreneurship as her career.

R G Being an entrepreneur is a source of great pride. It proves the huge amount of discipline, passion, hard work and focus that women are capable of and the grit they have to create a business from just an idea. It's important for women entrepreneurs to be unafraid to ask people for help or advice. 

The research, preparations and groundwork required to set up a business can easily put us off. I had no idea when I first started Mother Sparsh and I'm glad I didn't give in. It's much easier to tackle new tasks once we have already got things going. It's important to keep a healthy balance as getting involved in the new business can consume us to a level that's not healthy, so we need to engage in other activities too and remain in touch with family and friends."

Women entrepreneurs may be hard to spot in the media but they're making powerful strides in real life.

Indian baby care market is poised to grow at the rate of 13.66% CAGR over the coming years. Many of the leading players in this sector have made an ambitious projection of the sector growing faster than the 15% on the account of increased spending per child in India which is expected to increase from INR 6917 to INR 14079 at the rate of 12.57% CAGR even though the number of babies in the age group of 0-5 years is going to increase from 127 million to 135 million by 2020. Mother Sparsh has had a turnover of Rs.2 cr in the financial year 2018 by selling over 1 lac wipes on web stores like Amazon, Flipkart, FirstCry etc. With this growth rate Mother Sparsh as a niche is niche player in the market can catch up the market sentiment and in on the track to achieve the milestone by gaining higher market share.


Website: Mother Sparsh

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