Explore the best places through walk

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Posted On : 25th, October 2017

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Explore the best places through walk

25th, October 2017    -    Startup

In today's lifestyle, people are engrossed with a very busy lifestyle besides which there is a need for a refreshing change and the best fulfilment for this refreshing content can be travelling to a different place and eliciting its beauty. It not only helps us to explore different places, but also helps to enlighten our souls and making us feel alive. But travelling through vehicles in such a crowded place, like India, comes out to be messy and quite hectic like usual days, henceforth spoiling the glory of vacations. To overcome the same, the City Walk came up with a unique idea to provide people with the best walking vacation. It makes you walk away from the noisy highways of polluted travel and escape to a greener, fresher and more natural path. This distinctive Startup was set up by Nidhi Bansal and Sachin Bansal, a speciality travel vertical that offers best planned walking tours topped with fascinating and authentic local experiences all over the country. She believes viewing each destination up front on foot has its peculiar charm, which is quite soothing and peaceful. 

An entrepreneur never arises in a day, it takes months or years to set up a single thought in to a business idea, it takes a huge amount of courage to face the number of challenges and obstacles lying in that path and moreover, it takes a lot of optimistic attitude, to make decisions out of the box and implement it . It took all these for Nidhi to begin with this idea. She has worked a long way to be so helpful to their customers, making them feel very contented with their vacation. And all these would not have been possible without the help of Sachin Bansal.

About Nidhi Bansal

Once a traveller at heart is always a traveller at heart. Nothing can ever change that. Nor a bevy of illustrious qualifications, neither a high flying career in hospitality industry. These words aptly sum up the persona of Nidhi Bansal, the CEO of India City Walk. Backed by top notch qualifications like a Bachelor’s from IIHM, a diploma from the at Taj School of Hotel Management and Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management from University of Huddersfield, UK. Apart from educational prowess, she is also a trained Green Belt from Six Sigma.

Nidhi before City Walk

Nidhi has spent fruitful 15 years in the most elevated echelons of the hospitality industry. From being a Sales debutant in Marriott Hotels to a key link in the Oberoi chain when Trident rose in Gurgaon, Nidhi soon established a decade in hospitality with proven credentials. The travelling instincts steered her into Genepact as BD support team where she reveled in global leadership development programs and celebrated seven years as Assistant Vice President. The tag of being a certified Change Management Specialist sits pretty on her shoulder. She started her career with Marriott International in India in Mumbai, followed with Oberoi Hotels in Delhi and then Genpact for 8 years in various leadership positions. Overall 17 years of experience in Hospitality and ITES industry 

 Origin of the idea and beginning of City Walk

Being a traveller always remained an inseparable part of Nidhi’s personality through the sands of time. She is a globetrotter; she knows major cities of India like the back of the palm of her hand. The persona of Nidhi Bansal went through a paradigm change when she decided to take the other hand of her spouse Sachin Bansal and immersed in the world of travel with a mission to carve much more than a career or a business venture. Nothing unites Nidhi and Sachin better than travel. Their walks of togetherness soon became the soul of their venture. India City Walks, the brainchild of Nidhi and Sachin Bansal is today an apostle of their belief, vision and mission. Nidhi’s belief that it is important to know and understand a city by knowing its environs at the heart is the soul of India City Walks. Sachin’s vision of creating value addition from roots and lineage is the mind of India City Walks.  Inspired by his love for India and its cultural hues, Sachin started India City Walk to discover enumerable stories that lurk around corners . His main objective was to provide people a mirth, clean and whole some experience by weaving number of beautiful memories while visiting a place, and that what he has tried to implement with City Walk.

It was in bazaars, bylanes, cultural showcases, culinary traditions and ageless folklore that Nidhi discovered the importance of her experience in the hospitality industry. An itinerary in her hands becomes an explorer’s paradise. A group in her command transforms into a global caravan of avid seekers. India through Nidhi Bansal’s eyes is like a 70 mm blockbuster full of excitement, fun and extravaganza. India City Walks under Nidhi’s entrepreneurship trains traveller how to take out the best out of their City Walks. Nidhi herself initiates an engaging and training platform where travellers learn to listen to the explorer in their hearts and take home a priceless part of the city with them. Every locale has a kind of karmic connection with her. Every bend and corner greets her as a childhood friend.


Nidhi’s belief that the best way to explore India is to walk through its cities every tourist cherishes but makes it a reality with India City Walks because a traveller at heart is always a traveller….


 It was started by Nidhi and Sachin with a great enthusiastic feeling but the obstacles lining in their path made it worse. The topmost challenge for them was to find enough passionate people who would like to do this full time.  But as we all know , the greater the hindrances we counter, the higher the success we lead to. They believed the same and made her way through this, which took almost 2 years for people to understand what this it and it’s USP’s. Today this is aspirational and people look forward to become explorers and be able to tell their cities stories.

About City Walk and its services

It has worked a long way to be so helpful to their customers and making them feel so contented with their vacation. Their itineraries are unique and all their trips are developed by them personally. They offer superb value for money , including everything , from meals and drinks to accommodation and guides. They provide city experiences in the form of half day / full day and even short duration tours. The amount they need to shed is between 1200 to 4000 .

This has been evolved by the most ancient and common way of viewing the sights, which ultimately proves to be quite adventurous and joyous. The best part about walking is that people can do it in their own way and at their own pace in a group with an explorer. They also create personal connection with locals which keeps us closer to plethora and information about the history and culture. Also, they provide some exciting offers to benefit their customers including rickshaw tours and museum tours for kids. In whole, they try to provide their customers with the best adventurous vacation ever.

Few words from Nidhi

As I said, a entrepreneur never arises in a day, one should have that much courage to face each and every challenge they face, one should have faith in oneself and its decisions. one has to take risks in order to achieve something, this is the first step towards it , and should never lose hope.

Website: the City Walk 

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